Oh, the places you will go....

You're off to Great Places!
You're off and away!

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose.

-Dr. Suess

I used to give this book along with a personal note and a "feed me" post card to my high school seniors. Now a dear friend gave it to me for Ocoee....life has a way of coming full circle. This page is dedicated to my love of travel-which I hope to impart on Ocoee and Atticus. She is what I have been waiting for...the ultimate traveling partner in crime. Take a peek at where we have been...

Winter 2017-18
Costa Rica

Nov. 2014
Maui, Hawaii

Summer 2014
Omaha, Nebraska

Seeing all the Fey family at the Omaha Zoo.

Ava, Ocoee and Grandma on the boat!

Good times on the lake at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Fishing and boating!

Summer 2014

Summer time fun with Uncle DD and Ava. You were a trooper traveler, though you did have your first ever public melt down. Over exhausted!!

May 2014
Seward, Alaska
An amazing sunny weekend, top ten weather day. Flat seas, wildlife, sunshine. Alaska at it's best.

December 2013
Maui, Hawaii
year 5 in Hawaii for Xmas

June 2013
Denali National Park & Kenai Alaska
Grandparents visit

June 3-10, 2013
Juneau, Alaska

Juneau is all about cruise ships...5 in port on any given day!

Ocoee and mommy in front of Mendenhall Galcier!

Feb. 6-10, 2013
Portland, Oregon and Seaside 101 Hwy Oregon

Ocoee's favorite activity at Seaside Beach was chasing the seagulls that wanted her snacks.

It was a perfect, sunny winter day in Feb....with warm to us Alaskan temps in the 40s and 50s.

Above is the famous Haystack Rock from Cannon Beach another stop along our Oregon HWY 101 day trip while hubby worked.

Hanging out in Elephant Park....not the official name but has the best Elephant sculpture and close to The Benson Hotel where we stayed. The elephant has a baby elephant on it's back and symbolizes prosperity and good health for children.

Ocoee didn't like swinging in the kid friendly swing so she and I swinged together which she loved.

Dec. 27, 2012-Jan. 5-2013
Maui, Hawaii

August 2012-Ocoee 10 months
Seward, Alaska

 Miller's Landing

Camping at Silver Derby, Millers Landing

June 2012- Ocoee 9 months
Portland Oregon

 Eddie and Ocoee in their matching winter hats a man gave them at the Portland Zoo.

 Perfect way to cool off, Teacher's fountain!

 Ocoee eating her crackers at Bridgeport Brew Pub in the Pearl District.

 In front of the artsy doors in China Town

With Katie and Eddie on the river walk

May 2012-Ocoee 8 months
Nashville, Tennessee

 At Center Hill Lake

Lunch on Old Hickory Lake

 At Center Hill Lake with Uncle Dale

 On the Red River, Port Royal, Tennessee

 Science Museum-Nashville, Tenn

Mother's Day weekend May 2012
Talkeetna, Alaska 

March 2012-Ocoee 5 1/2 months old
Russian River Valley, Wine Country, California

 Ocoee and I, on the deck at our rental overlooking the Russian River.

 Ocoee and hubby while hiking in Armstrong Redwood Reserve.

 Hubby and Ocoee at Hop Kiln Brewery, ready for a tasting!

 Checking out the grape vines at Artista Winery.

 A day at the beach in Sonoma county along Hwy. 1.

Our treehouse rental with great decks!

Feb. 2012-Ocoee 4 months
Seattle. Washington

The view from our walk in the University area. 

 Having fun at the museum...this piece still gives me chills....so afraid of mice! But I want you to be fearless :)

The SAM was a great place to pose you with fun art work! 

Reading a new book about the Pike's Place Market we picked up at the museum gift shop. I love how much you like to be read to.

 Waiting for the ferry to Bainbridge Island.

 Seattle backdrop from the Ferry terminal with pops.

On the ferry and off we go! 

I look pretty dorky here but this was your first boat ride ever...so we had to take a picture of it. 

Boat shopping down in Eagle Harbor

Perfect weekend and you actually got to see the sun!

Jan. 2012-Ocoee 4 months
Girdwood, Alaska

 Ocoee relaxing on the couch after a hard day of not being a ski bunny.

 You and I cuddling before we headed to Girdwood.

The house we rented, it had a personality of its own! 

The sweet photo of Ocoee that Kendra sent us while we were out skiing. Thanks for babysitting! 

The Bake shop, home of the best sweet rolls that I managed to get first in line for Sunday morning.

Dec. 2011-Ocoee 3 months
Maui, Hawaii

Fishing in Maui-grandma babysat

 Dinner at the SeaHouse on Christmas Eve

On Kanapali Beach...I swear I want a swimsuit like this...no wardrobe malfunctions with this one!

Too cool, with her baby bands (they always made her fall asleep...she thought it was dark I think) and it looks like she killed her moose to use as a bottle rest!

Early morning beach walk