Photo shoots

I love photography and for years my best model has been my beloved Big Black Dog Brodie. Now Ocoee has be born I am grooming her to be my new model. Brodie is very photogenic so she has some big shoes to fill. Of course the true delight is in capturing all the wonderful moments as she changes and grows.

So look here for our photo shoots.

March 2014
It has been way too long, photos of my lovely!

She still loves playing and covering up her babies

In the "hibernation bed" with padre, her favorite cuddle spot.

Fall at the Fancy Playground
Ocoee 23 1/2 months!

Winter during May!!-Uncle Dede
Ocoee almost 20 months

The shock of waking up to 6 inches of snow on May19th! Ocoee has officially lived through the longest winter in Alaska history and the snowiest winter! She is a true Alaskan Bambino! 

Awesome Outfit (Preplay shots)
Ocoee almost 16 months

5 Minutes of an Ordinary Day
All of these photos were snapped over 5 minutes

Sitting pretty

Baby and Butterflies

Ocoee loves playing with her sheer butterfly curtains!

It is a game of peek a boo!

Reading with Daddy

 Daddy and Ocoee reading The Economist together

 She adores her daddy!

Boho Baby

Dad and Daughter

Father's Day in the Park

 Hubby with his two girls!

All in the family

Welcome to my crib

She always starts smiling when the camera comes out!

It is nice to see Ocoee play and be happy in her crib, it took me so long to make up my mind on which one, it is good she agrees with the choice!

Easter Bunny!

Our friend just so happens to have a pet bunny. It made for the best Easter shoot. Ocoee loved the bunny.

 Her bunny ears were pretty dang cute too.

 I think the bunny was wondering what all the fuss was about.

Ocoee doesn't wear disposables often but since we were out and about and she had been a little sick we had them on...and she wanted to show them off. 

 Here you can see her adorable Easter dress....thanks Grandma!

Spring Fling

 Oh I love this face!

 She laughs when I take her picture and it make me giggle, we spend more time playing than taking photos!

 Gotta suck the thumb of course.

 Note the drool, she is teething and has a bit of a snotty nose....and stills looks cute.

 More expression...totally gets these from her daddy.

Thanks to my dear friend Jane who knitted the diaper cover, so fantastic and perfect.

Red and Rosy

 Totally chillaxin!

This face is awesome!

Soft and dreamy

 My favorite cuddly blanket makes a great backdrop when draped over the couch. I pull the ottoman close the windows to get some natural light.

She was feeling pretty sick but still managed good spirits for the photo shoot. She has fun because I make goofy noises and sing silly songs for her. 

Seattle Hotel Room

 Looking awfully cute in her hipster baby scarf...or baby ascot as we call it.

She loved the big king sized bed and was totally hamming it up for the camera...I tried to narrow down the shots but picking only the cutest photos of your baby is liking packing don't want to leave any good ones out.

A few with natural light only.....

Trying to decide who she looks like is so difficult..she changes so much every day!

Daughter in a Drawer

 My mom used to say when we were little she would put us in a dresser drawer to nap. I am not sure if she was joking or not but it makes for a cute picture!

 Of course I have a thing for photographing her feet!

 She seemed to really like hanging in the drawer

Playing a little peek-a-boo

 Her expressions are getting more and more interesting.

Here you can see her red strawberry birth mark. The doctors say these kind go away around 5 or 6 years of even looks like a strawberry to me!

 Sticking her tongue out.

Her big blue eyes!

Husker game day...

 We lost the game but she sure looked like she was having fun.

Shots from Hawaii

On the Lanai with mom

 Super cute hat...has moose and mushrooms on it, which we also have in our backyard.

Chewing on her must be yummy!

Fun in the nursery-10 weeks old today!

We recently removed the bumpers from her crib since she has started to move around. She did get her little hands stuck in the slats so I am off today to buy a mesh, breathable bumper that will be safer.

Her new Djeco stinking cool!

These were taken with my new lens..I was so excited to use it and Ocoee was such a good sport. As you can see Brodie is just out of the shot, being a good little photog assistant. He seems a little bummed to not be the top model anymore, so I have to snap a few of him.

Thanksgiving Weekend

What I am thankful for....

Days like today when we had the time...something that you can't go to the store and relax, cook good food, listen to music, take photos, spend time unhurried together....

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