Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Ocoee celebrates her first Halloween at just a month old, so there will be no trick a treating for her. But we had to get photos of her first one ever so we dressed up in her skeleton onesie and also in a tiger outfit our friend let us borrow. Both were so cute. The dogs were very interested in this photo shoot we were doing in the nursery so they got in a few photos as well. Brodie could not decide if licking the baby or the gourd was tastier!

Happy Halloween!


Sunday, October 30, 2011

First snow!

It was our first snow of the year today in the Anchorage Bowl...sneaking in before October is over and giving the trick-a-treaters something to wade through. It was also Ocoee's first experience with snow...not that she noticed much. She cuddled up in the moby wrap, warm against her pops and napped away. Guess that is why we have the pictures to remember it by..since she won't :).

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A week of firsts

We had several firsts this week. Yesterday was the first time we went for a walk using the stroller. It started off fine with her snuggling into the car seat that attaches to the stroller really well, she had on her going outside clothes and was all ready...all mom had to do was get the stroller open...ugh really. How many degrees does a person need to open these damn things, cause I have several and it almost didn't happen. I was literally out front of the garage with the owners manual pushing the damn button that says push and nothing was happening. I had to fight the urge to throw the damn thing across the driveway. After about 15 minutes it just opened...obviously I was doing something wrong...grrr. I practiced several times last night with hubby by my side and it worked perfectly. Not sure what was going on other than a chance to entertain my neighbors. I can just hear them, "look at the crazy new mom who can't even open her stroller". Is this what they mean by parenthood being humbling.

After getting the thing open we had a great stroll. It was easy for me to walk at a good pace and Ocoee liked the fresh air. She spent the first 20 minutes just looking around thinking, ok this is new, then she crashed and napped while I got my walk on. Got to fit back into my clothes sometime. I actually talked to my brother today who only weights like 6 pounds more than me! The weight is coming off according to the scale but I am more eager to get to the gym and lift and tone all the squishy bits. Working out gives me energy and that is something I am lacking in spades these days.

Our other first came today when we left the house, drove, and went out in public for the first time all by ourselves. Ocoee has been to the doctor and on walks, hikes and trails but always with daddy in attendance. Today we met my friend Martina for lunch at our local sushi spot, which is a few minutes up the road. It was great because Martina is preggers so we can talk baby, I got to have a mountain view roll for the first time in 11 months, and the place was empty except for us. So no gross germs floating around on my baby. The ladies working even served us free miso soup...pregnant lady and lady with baby scores major brownie points I guess.

Ocoee was wonderful. She woke a few times to look around and then crash again. I was more proud of myself for using the car seat correctly and getting up and out the house successfully. Woohoo! The minor victories are crucial :0

I also just got my new iphone4s so I can now take video of sassy little girl and put it here. She changes so fast I feel I have to record it all. Growing up we had 2 fires and I was the 2nd child so there are very few photos much less videos of me. It is something I miss having, especially once I got pregnant. I want to make sure she has all of the important milestones of her life documented. I love photography and technology so it plays to my passion but I also hope she enjoys looking back on all of these first and special moments.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend of dates, football and photos

Here are a few snapshots from our weekend. A few of the family before our date night out. We didn't make it through the entire Fiddler of the Roof play, it was 10 by the end of the first act, we had to get home to the sitter but we did enjoy our dinner and partial play :)

The huskers won a great game and Ocoee had on all her husker gear to cheer them on. Don't think she will fit in the husker onesie through the entire season, she is growing so fast.

Friday, October 21, 2011

3 weeks today

Nothing prepared me for the astonishing feeling of love and joy that being your mom has brought me. Nothing will ever compare to the change you brought into our lives, we have come a long way in the journey of life and with your birth it feels like we are just beginning.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Things about you..

Since I can't remember much these days I want to write down some things about you. Only 15 days old and you have a big personality already.

You often look concerned
You can give a mean stink eye
You like to coo and make the sweetest sounds ever in your sleep
You first bath in a bucket was a huge success, you seemed really happy in water
You have been working up to your first smile, it is already adorable

You peed on mommy on the couch
You got grandma with poop and pee
You permanently scarred daddy with a big shooting across the room poop
You think that baby in the mirror is really pretty dang cute
You love to sleep and go on walks in the moby wrap
When hungry insert bottle quickly to avoid a melt down- and you have a huge appetite

We love you very much. We just had your newborn photo shoot and will have some awesome pictures of you soon.

Love mom

Monday, October 10, 2011

Grandma in town

My mother in law is in town visiting the first grandchild for my hubby's side of the family. It is great to see her enjoying little Ocoee so much and the extra pair of hands allows me time to shower, and hubby time to get his master's homework done. We got a great nights sleep last night but Ocoee is snoozing all day it may be a long night. The weather has been amazing and we are taking advantage of that by getting out and walking....this baby weight has to come off somehow!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Arctic Valley Adventure

We ventured up to Arctic Valley looking for some snow....not much there yet but a great dose of fresh air! Actually got to wear the moby wrap today for the first time. The dogs were pretty happy as well.

Who knew

Today is day 6 and last night was tough....the breast feeding was extremely painful and I was in tears while feeding her. She is a very hungry baby and was eating every hour to 45 minutes...she just wasn't getting full. We were feeding for 30minutes to 45 minutes so I had about 30 minutes of down time to heal.....a recipe for disaster. Plus this meant no sleep time at all during the wee hours. So finally around 4 last night I broke down and fed her formula. We had researched and chosen the best organic formula we could find and had a few on hand...just in case. Thank god! She guzzled it down and crashed for 4 1/2 hours straight...that felt like sleeping through the night to me. I cried and felt guilt, disappointment and anxiety for choosing formula...I know breast milk is the best and it was only day 5.

After a nice stretch of sleep I came to terms with this. My boobs needed a break to heal and I was no good as a mom if I was in pain, tears and on the verge of a breakdown. Also I thought of some great moms and dads I know who haven't been able to breast feed for a variety of reason and their kids are awesome and no worse off. I guess I needed to be less hard on myself. I am quickly learning there are so many emotions that come with being a mom and letting go of the negative ones like guilt is crucial.

Around 6 I got up and self expressed some milk, then at 8 I pumped. I was able to get a huge bottle and I felt so proud. The pump was much easier on me and less painful. She had 1/2 of that bottle and crashed again. I think I can get ahead of the cycle and take care of myself and my baby. If I have to supplement, all that matters is that she and I are both happy and healthy. I think we were exhausting her as well with the tons of feedings that weren't really filling her belly...because as I type she is crashed in her moby wrap happy as can be. Completely knocked out!

The journey of learning and love continue.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 3-walk in a park

Today we got outside to enjoy the warm fall sun and fresh snow on the mountains. Mike wore the baby bjorn and the fresh air did us all good.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ocoee's birth story

We woke up after not getting much sleep the night before. It was liking waiting for Christmas. We took the doggers for a walk in Russian Jack Park on a beautiful morning. The clouds had burned off and the sky was blue, setting off the peak gold of the birch trees with the mountains in the background sprinkled with snow....a great day to be born. A gaggle of geese flew over us waiting for us to vacate the park before they landed and took over the soccer fields. Everything was crisp and fresh.

Of course once we got home we realized Guiness had cut her foot and was bleeding all over the floor, so we had to quickly bandage her up, taped on a smart wool sock and zipped out the door to be at the hospital by 11. Once we were checked in things went pretty quickly. Mike was very nervous and I was getting less nervous. It was hitting me we would have our little girl with us soon. Once in the OR we put on our playlist and then Mike was beside me. I didn't love the feeling of not feeling but once it was all numb and Mike was there I was chatty cathy...I chat when I am nervous and I think the oxogen they were giving me mad me a little loopy.

Literally 20 minutes in Dr. Hinkle held her up and we saw our baby for the first time. She gave a big lusty cry and was pink and chubby. They asked Mike if he wanted to cut the cord and he said no....Of course I told him to get over there and cut it. He looked so nervous and unsure....just totally freaked out. He had Ocoee in his arms within minutes and brought her over to me to see.....she was so perfect and adorable. I was instantly in love.

I had to go to the recover room for 30 minutes and it was ok, not a single issue all was well. I am actually really glad we did the c-section. Everyone was betting how big she would be...I said 9 pounds 12 ounces but was off...she was 10 pounds 10 ounces! And had not moved into my pelvis at she was not coming out anytime soon.

Once we were together in the room I was floored by hubby. He was now this expert dad. He had her in his arms and swaddled and looked like he had been doing this for years...just 30 minutes ago he was so panicked looking. I have to say how amazed I am by him. He changes diapers, helps me breast feed, took care of me and Ocoee and looks at her as if everything she does delights him. His is an amazing dad. I fell in love with him a 100 times over on her day of birth.

We breastfed right away and that went pretty well. We are still in the hospital waiting to be released. She is sleeping very contently beside me right now. I am going to check her diaper. We loaded her up in her Husker onesie to watch the Nebraska game....not fun but I just looked at her when it got real ugly. She is now officially 1 day and 8 hours old, and she has changed our lives forever. I am so unbelievable happy to have her in our lives.

10 pounds 10 ounces
21 1/2 inches long
2:23 pm
lots of dark hair
slate colored eyes that will be ........we will see
she loves to use her hands and be cuddled

Welcome and Happy Birthday Ocoee Dael Fey!