Tuesday, December 18, 2018

And we are back.....

Almost 4 years ago, I left off with the post, 10 days to go. Ten days until our Atticus joined us and now, 4 years since I have posted. Life became busier and blogging fell by the wayside. Ocoee is old enough to ask us things us about herself as a child and I remembered this blog. So we are back and hope to post on a regular basis just as a historical document for our children.

Here they are, Ocoee is 7 and in 1st grade at Chugach Optional. She is brilliant, funny and loves reading. Her favorite by far is the Harry Potter series that she read in Kindergarten and has reread a dozen times by now.

Atticus is 3, turning 4 in a few months. He is in preschool at Anchorage Montessori and loves playing outside in the snow, books and Star Wars. He is social and loving and has more energy than Mike and I combined.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

10 days to go...

So baby Atticus you are lucky. You are being born into a world where your mommy and daddy love you and have had the good luck to be surrounded by amazing people who because they love us, love you too. I am overwhelmed with how much people in our lives have done to help us prepare for you. I know that in this world there is never such a thing as too much love so I am grateful for each drop!

Your Grandma Fey is coming into town in a few days to welcome you and take care of Ocoee while we focus on you for a few days. Ocoee is so ready to have her baby brother. She really wants to cuddle you and stroke your hair, and maybe pat your back...in her words. You could not have a better older sister waiting for you.

As for me, I am physically ready to get the show on the road. Carrying a baby is hard work, but I am a little worried that I have forgotten all the infant "know how" that I learned with Ocoee. I am trusting that it will all come back to me, but just in case take it easy on us if we get it wrong at first. We love you and are trying.

The home front is in pretty good shape. We just got new windows and though there is still a list of small projects that are driving your dad crazy, we will be fine.

Overall I hope that I can raise you to understand that you are blessed and privileged in a way many children in the world are not. This is not something you should take for granted. Though my life goal is for you to not experience pain, hurt or loss it will happen, and I hope the joy far outweighs these rough moments. I love you and can't wait to meet you.

Love always,

Monday, February 2, 2015

27 days left

Our world will change again in 27 days. Will it be as shocking as the change when Ocoee entered our lives? The interesting thing is that Ocoee's life will forever change and Atticus will never know a world where she wasn't a part of it. I guess I should change my blog to Alaskan Bambinos. 

Last night was a great example of how being a mom has changed me. I went to a super bowl party where my lovely friends gave Ocoee puzzles and stickers, I sat up stairs during the 2nd quarter reading her a book, there was no drinking for me (pregnancy not being a mom makes this my reality), and I drove home exhausted by 7pm. More interesting to me than the game or commercials was if she had fun and getting her in bed in time to be well rested and happy the next day.

At 3am when I awoke and could not get back to sleep I decided to go in her room in check on her. At first my heart was racing because she wasn't there.....then I realized that she was on the other end of the bed splayed out sleeping....

Or was she sleeping?? Doubt clogged my mind and I rubbed her arm, she felt cold and didn't stir. I had a full 20 seconds of panic when I reached down and shook her....hard. She grumbled and rolled over going back to sleep. Ok, crazy me I thought. It took me awhile to settled down and sleep did not come again even though she was resting quietly. This is the part of parenthood no one tells you about. Fear, anxiety, worry and guilt. They do not hamper the joy but they can make you feel crazy.

Little Atticus, I can't wait to meet you and I am prepared for this burden of motherhood that makes us crazy but also serves to keep you safe.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

33 weeks pregnant

Taking the sled for a spin to the Lagoon. These days I am wishing someone would pull me in a sled!

I was laying in bed last night and thinking I really should blog about how difficult this baby is to carry versus Ocoee. Not to guilt poor baby Atticus (though he better love me forever and ever for all this work!) but to note the difference for historical reference. I reached for the journal that I keep beside my bed for each kiddo and then realized I didn't have a pen. It was too difficult to leave my bed to get a pen......so yea that sums up how hard this pregnancy has been. I am really wishing I lived in Europe where my dear friend was REQUIRED to take the last 6 weeks of pregnancy off work. SIGH!

That being said we are finally getting the baby room together. Hubby has painted the walls, new windows will go in for sound reduction in a few weeks (hopefully before baby comes) and grandma got us a fun wool rug. I splurged on one cool piece of art (pictures to come) that is a wall decal of the world and the closet organizer is installed. Since we won't be doing a crib we have lots of space in the room and were able to out up Ocoee's cool teepee from a few years ago. It fits the modern, bright decor perfectly.

44 more days to go!


Thursday, November 6, 2014

23 weeks pregnant

Walking into the hospital today that is home to my awesome Obgyn's office I had a flashback to 3 years ago when I was leaving the hospital with a not so little newborn Ocoee. 

I remember thinking I should have to take a test or get approval from someone important before they let me leave with this new little human. You would think after 41 weeks of growing her I would be prepared to have her outside, but boy did  I feel overwhelmed. 

Now she is a bigger little human and has a personality, sense of humor and all the things that make her the little girl I so love. I was imagining her arriving at the hospital to greet her new sibling. Wow. Time and life are such a blessing and leave me awestruck. 

Baby boy is due March 5. Our family is growing and it is my greatest joy. I appreciate every day that I get to be a part of this magical life. 


Halloween 2014

For Halloween this year we really had a lot of fun. Ocoee enjoyed carving pumpkins, reading Halloween books and of course dressing up. We practiced trick or treating as a game many times before the big event.

On the day of the event Ocoee had daycare where she dressed up as a scarecrow. She was one of the few girls in the class that was not wearing a princess dress and she looked awesome. The day was pretty action packed for a little 3 year old who was too excited to nap. They trick or treated during the day in the different classrooms at her preschool and then ended the day with a party for parents to attend. I was very impressed with the class party and for the first time ever Ocoee actually wanted to be there.....we last a good 30 minutes before she was ready to go home.

At home we relaxed a bit making some caesar salad for our friend party and trick or treating at the Boxlers. They have a great neighborhood and enjoy hosting all the crazy kids. Ocoee did a quick costume change to her piglet costume, which was warm and fit the family theme. Hubby was pooh (yellow sweat pants and a bear stocking hat) and I was Kanga (brown tights and a kangaroo stocking hat). Ocoee did such  great job trick or treating. She loved seeing the decorations around the neighborhood, especially the scarecrows. She even walked to the door without us, since she had her friend Maggie to assist her. Maggie was a sweetheart showing Ocoee the ropes of getting candy from strangers.

Once we hit about 10 houses we called it a night and left the older kids to switching and trading their candy. It looked like the floor of the stock exchange during a frenzy.

We placed all of Ocoee's candy outside for the switch witch to trade her. She is super good at not eating candy with junk in it. She gets a steady supply of organic candy from grandma who has access to Trader Joes and Whole Foods. The switch witch gave her some dress up masks, the hungry hippos game and a new book. She was so pumped when she woke up!

Here are some photos:

Monday, November 3, 2014

Ocoee's 3rd birthday

Since I have had a month to write this you may be expecting some awesome, witty, soul wrenching writing......but you are wrong! Sorry. I will get the basics down and then run out for our packed Halloween day, which will also take me forever to blog. See the theme??

For Ocoee's 3rd birthday we stuck with the tradition of heading south to the ski town for Girdwood for a family retreat. We had friends rent rooms at the Alyeska resort and join us for the fun. Ocoee picked a pirate theme and we had gathered all the fun decorations, party favors and food weeks in advance. It was going to be easy peasy, pumpkin squeezey!

Except, my physically hesitant, cautious child fell on 6 inches of uber safe playground foam and broke her collarbone. It happened at daycare on her 3rd day in the new "big kids" room of preschool. She told us she was going up the slide the wrong way and slipped and fell. This was her trying to fit in with the other kids. Tough lessons there!

Hubby took the day off and took her to the doctor and she had her X-rays. I guess this was really traumatic and I am very happy that I didn't find out about her injury until the end of the day Friday. I was a wreck and don't think I would have helped the situation any. I guess collarbone injuries are very common and she had to wear a harness for 4 weeks. Hubby also broke his collarbone when he was younger, so this seems to be a family trend.

A broken collarbone didn't slow her down. After the doctors office we packed up headed to gird wood and had dinner at our favorite restaurant Jack Spratts.

Our karma seemed to turn around once we arrived in Girdwood. Upon check in we were informed that we had been upgraded to the Royal Suite. This is the nicest room in the hotel that is normally $1700 a night! The room had two separate entrances, more closets than my house, a full kitchen with sub zero fridge, a bedroom, a lounge with floor to ceiling 360 degree glass windows and two bathrooms. Let's just say a pretty jaw dropping place for a 3 year olds birthday party!

The weekend was filled with swimming, tram rides up the mountain, yummy food, gifts and many wonderful memories. Late on Saturday night we all wandered over to moose meadow released our wish lanterns. Ocoee wished for a frog. The lanterns must work because she received a frog bath toy on her actual birthday the following Tuesday.

Ocoee's 3 year stats:

Loves to read and is currently hooked on Winnie the Pooh.
73% for height-38 inches
62% for weight-32 pounds....I am pretty sure that is what she weighed last year!!
Still sleeps with her tag blanket but in her brand-new big girl daybed!

As Grandma said, A perfectly sized granddaughter.

Here are the photos!!