Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's Friday!

So because my hubby and I gamble on everything and make ridiculous wagers about the most minuscule details we of course waged a bet on the due date of our little Ocoee. This was months ago and the prize was a guilt free day of time to ourselves to do whatever we wanted (pedicure, gym,spa for me and most likely beer and fishing for him). The official due date was 9/24, he picked 9/16 thinking she would be early and I picked 9/30 thinking she would be late.

The good news is I win!! I am trying to be very positive because it has come down to us having a C-section. This is what we wanted to avoid the whole time. We were worried about the recovery and possible complications of C-section as well it not being the birthing experience we had pictured in our heads. Due to her being late and also measuring big for so long we knew it was a possibility. After the doctors and us trying for 3 weeks to get things going by various methods we are thinking she is not moving into the pelvis like we need her to. Also due to my health issues with my cervix we are afraid that there might be scar tissue on the cervix that could cause issues.

It took us awhile to agree and we did try to wait a week so she could come on her own but it looks like the csection is the best decision. I would never forgive myself if I tried to have a different birth and it caused her issues. All we want is a healthy baby and a hopefully a quick recovery.

So we are doing the final preparations and heading in Friday to bring our bambino into this world. 41 weeks ago we were sitting on a beach in Maui watching babies play in the sand and in 2 days we will have our own baby. I am excited and nervous and 1000 thousand other emotions I can't put into words.

Tomorrow to prepare I will make a batch of halibut chowder that hubby can eat for a few days, make muffins to take to the hospital, clean the house yet again, walk the doggers, and buy some good chocolates for the nurses who will be helping my recovery and taking care of us and the baby.

Exciting next 48 hours.


Monday, September 26, 2011

checking my baggage

So I am trying to let go of stress and go with the flow. Ocoee will come when it is right and I need to trust my body can deliver her and she will be healthy.

To help me I went to the Gumbo House and had an amazing shrimp poboy...for a cajun girl far from the Vieux Carre it hit the spot. And I had a great encounter with a student whose parents run the shop that made me smile.

Also check out this website where you can drop off your baggage and also read someone's worries and send them a song to listen to. Very cool concept. Check it out.
Can't wait to get my song back!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Due date has come and gone

So the bambino didn't want to come out today...although this is her official due date. I am really hoping for tomorrow. Not sure if I want to go back to work next week or not, my comfort level is getting pretty low for sitting at a desk all day. But she could be another week or two before she comes. Since she has measured so big I don't think I can go that long......Focusing on mind and body connections and sending her welcome out vibes!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I just don't know what to do with myself....

The white stripes song keeps playing in my head and my itunes as I write this blog. I really don't know what to do with myself...I am restless, but I can't concentrate on anything to distract myself. Work is winding down so that I can go on leave and not have to worry about projects, but I wish it was busier. I struggle to get up in the morning but don't want to start leave and just sit around the house twiddling my thumbs. House is clean, things are bought, we are ready...or as ready as we ever will be.

I have this theory that your general tempo in life is determined by when you are born. I was 3 week early and I am a fast tempo kinda gal. I am impatient, in a hurry and a go-getter. Pros and cons to being this way, but this is me. When I walk I am fast and with a purpose....where as my husband, who is 6'2 with a much longer stride is always behind me...I have to slow down to walk with him....kind of a metaphor for our lives together. He has actually enjoyed my pregnant state because he is faster than me when walking about and I have to ask him to slow down...oh how the worm turns!

So my hubby was 2 weeks late...he is laid back, more reserved and more thoughtful where I am impulse driven....see how it correlates....very sound scientific evidence I have gathered here.

This means Ocoee personality is being shaped by when she will be far she isn't early or late....maybe she is putting a lot of thought in to this event....her last ultrasound she seemed in deep thought. Her official due date is this Saturday. I have another ultrasound on Friday to check her weight...poor girl, already people are commenting on her weight! I will report back on how accurate they are post-birth...I just like the fact I get to see the little lady. I did find a "sign" as to when she could be born. On the back of my birth talisman hubby bought me they stamp what number the piece is, since each one is hand-made....and the number is 925....9/25...which is day late but I have a dr appt that day already so we will see. I would love it if that was true because how cool is it to have signs come true!

Here in Alaska the first termination dust (snow) has fallen on the peaks. We always take the doggers up to play in the snow because they have missed it so much, and it can be several weeks before it falls here in the Anchorage bowl, so maybe I can rally and take photos and well....this could be a good distraction. And the Huskers have the first road game of the season against Wyoming this saturday...which if labor happened might be a good one to miss....I mean Wyoming...I could probably make that team...pregnant :)

Now listening to OAR, crazy game of poker...remind me of pregnancy.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Seeking advice

So my fellow friends, moms, dads, non-parents and expectant parents:

I am looking for advice on how to survive the first 2 weeks of life with a new baby. Also any parenting advice that you wish someone would have told you.

Wise men don't need advice. Fools won't take it.
-Benjamin Franklin

I am neither wise nor a fool (most days) but your advice will help keep me from making foolish mistakes. Plus I need the entertainment while I am waiting for bambino to pop. I do think if the Huskers keep playing as they have been it may induce labor just by watching the stress levels are so high!

Also, don't think you have to be parent to offer advice. I used to want to write a book called, How to raise a child from someone who has never had children,...I really think the actual experience of having kids and raising them ruins all the great idealistic tips I could spout off, like this gem I told my brother's step-sons...."Don't smoke because it stinks up cashmere sweaters really badly and no girl will have her sweater all stunk by some boy..gross!" I stand by that brilliant advice :)


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Reason you could be born today....but most likely won't

Ok Ocoee here are some reasons you could be born today. I am sure your like our BBBD (big black brodie dog) and need a hand-written invitation for even the most obvious things so I thought this might help coax you out....I know, I know, My womb is like a 5 star hotel.

The sunrise this morning as beautiful, gold and pink over the mountains, I actually said wow out loud....see wouldn't that go great in your birth story.

Your dad picked this day months ago as his delivery guess....but he wins the bet if that happens and we girls never want to let daddy win so maybe scratch this one.

The word of the day from in my email box was our last name...the definitions range from supernatural to a little crazy so not the best definition but we are in the dictionary right?

I am tired or working and people asking me when you are going to be born, my schedule is clear and my bags are packed.

The house is clean.

The dogs' birthdays were the 12th, my mom's was the 13th and so the 14th is just waiting for you. Plus you avoided Sept. 11 so we are clear.

The fabulous doctor who I want to deliver you leaves for Hawaii on Tuesday so your running out of time...otherwise you will ether have to wait for him to be back from Hawaii or else have some stranger deliver you.

So there are lots of reasons but I am at work and bored and your not showing any signs of coming so I guess this is a pointless blog....a distraction though. Guess it gives me another day to eat foods that I will be giving up soon to shake off this baby cushion I have built all around my body.

Your mom

Monday, September 12, 2011

Things I will miss & not miss about being preggers

Bored with waiting today so trying to distract myself.

Things I will miss

1. How nice everyone is to you when you are preggers
2. Baby movements
3. Eating anything I crave
4. Not sucking my belly in
5. Full hair and good skin days
6. How easy she is to care for when she is in my belly
7. Feeling ok about being lazy

Things I will NOT miss

1. Heartburn
2. Not being able to bend over well
3. Being so big that I can't sit at my desk really
4. Itchy hands and feet
5. Stuffed nose and watery eyes
6. Weigh ins
7. People asking me when I am due
8. Not being able to drink
9. Shaving blindly
10. Emotions out of wack
11. Being so dang hot
12. Early pregnancy fatigue and nausea
13. Not fitting in clothes
14. Leg cramps
15. Not sleeping on my belly
16. Baby Brain!

So this may make it seem like I am a pretty unhappy pregnant lady, but not at all. It has been a pretty good experience and very few problems so I feel lucky. But there are some pretty uncomfortable moments during this journey...I am waiting for the day I can say. "One look at her made me forget it all"....I have been very skeptical when I heard other moms say this-so we will see!

Doctor appointment today so hoping to get this show on the road!

Cheers Janelle

Friday, September 9, 2011

38 weeks and still big!

Just had an ultrasound today, and Ocoee is estimated at 9 pounds. She is in the 95% for every category. Also my doctor said she had the most hair he has ever scanned in an maybe she will have some real hair when she is born. I got to see her face and it was pretty magical...I think she has my nose (bless her heart) and Mike's brow and lips. It was so funny because according to the magical computer measurements she was ready to be born.....yesterday. But I still don't think she is coming any time soon and I guess she is still growing at 1/2 pound a week...oh my how am I going to get her out of me!

Spent the afternoon with my preggers buddy Martina so I am in full baby mode. The ultrasound was on DVD so Mike and I watched it seeing Ocoee suck on her hand, already trying to nurse. The waiting game has begun but I am feeling good and still working and staying active. Have another doctor's appointment on Monday so we will see .....

Hope you like the cool 3D photos of our little girl.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

When is that baby due and other things I can't answer

So due dates are kinda like Santa Clause...yes they come and give you a great gift but it is really make believe told to you by a caring person that isn't totally true.

So the answer is, I don't know when this baby is coming. Yes I know I am huge and look like I could go into labor any minute....I get so many comments, at the gym, at school, during the 3k Tuesday Night races, but really, I feel great. I like being active and I like being at work. Better to have my water break at school than sit home for 2 weeks waiting for the big day...which could come early or later, one thing we know is she is coming sometime soon.

I do think it is unfair of Ocoee to not give me some little indication of when she is coming...this is the planner in me. After all I have been bonded with her for the last 9 1/2 months, 38 weeks, 266 days, 6,384 is the least she could do. Makes me flash forward to the future when she will casually drop things like, "Mom, I told the teacher you would bring 36 organic strawberry cupcakes for the food day tomorrow at school," or "Mom, I got married in Vegas". GEEZ, we are setting a poor standard for mom notification already.

P.S. On a funny, hormone induced dream note, I dreamt last night that I was at home and she was born, but she was a chipmunk.....a really cool chipmunk but I was stressed because I couldn't breastfeed her. As I chased her around the house (boy chipmunks are fast) I looked down and was like, oh that's not my baby, I am still pregnant.

Is this a sign?


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This day in time-The Front page!!

As a person with an education in journalism and more importantly experience being a journalism educator I love reading the front page of newspapers from around the world. I love looking at the design and knowing that people sweated and swore to bring me those photos, headlines and articles...some of my favorite memories were doing the same things with my students.

So in honor of Ocoee's upcoming birthday into this world I would like to put a call out for people to send me their local newspaper on the day of her birth. I will post here, on Facebook, and send out emails and texts the day she arrives so if you can grab a paper from that day, drop it in the mail to : Janelle Fey-550 Saint Lazaria Circle, Anchorage, AK 99508. I will save these and one day we will look back and see what was happening on the day she was born.

Hubby is really worried it will be on 9/11 and he thinks that would be a tragic day to be born. I think history has a way of changing in unpredictable ways so I am just an interested observer of this crazy thing we called history and time.

Thanks in advance!

Just a shout out to me old Fremont friends today...On this day in 1844, the western explorer John C. Fremont arrives at the shores of the Great Salt Lake, one of the many areas he will map for the lasting benefit of a westward-moving nation.

See more randoms at:

Friday, September 2, 2011

37 weeks!

Well bambino we have entered your birthday least I hope you arrive sometime this month. You have moved lower into position like a racehorse getting ready for a big race, if only it would happen as fast as the Kentucky Derby! I walked a few miles yesterday and felt so sore afterwards. Your dad kept asking me how does it hurt, what does it feel like....I think very uncomfortable sums it up. On the upside, my hair and skin look great. I am as big as a house but I don't even mind. I feel pretty some days and others I feel like a beached beluga but vanity isn't an issue. I am concerned about getting back in shape after you come out, I am concerned about how you will come out and what will I do when you get here. I am a "think on my feet" kind of gal and I am sure I will figure it out. I have read over 9 different baby books and working on number ten, Bright from the start, my favorite right now. It tells me how to play with you the best to develop your growing eh? Your dad has also kegged the baby brew he made for us....mostly me but since I plan on breast feeding you may get a drop or two. Don't worry it is low in alcohol and timing is everything I have read about the drinking and breast feeding thing.

In an effort to stimulate the failing economy I have bought you a ridiculous amount of things, because that makes me feel more prepared. My last purchases will happen today I believe, then I am quitting...really I am. I ordered you an ihome for your tunes, super cool and changes colors, some Latin music because I will teach you another language if it kills me, and despite the fact I don't speak this language either. I plan on getting your some smart wool booties and some hand knit ones today downtown-support local!

Our first kids, our dogs all have birthdays on the 12 of this month. Brodie will be 12 years is his special year! Love will be 13 (at least) and Guiness will be 5. We are trying to figure out a special treat for them before you arrive and steal all their thunder. I actually can't wait for them to meet you. Especially Brodie. He will love you so much. He already likes your room and the fact you will be covered in food pieces often works in your favor with him. He actually looked at me waddling around and moaning from being sore yesterday, like what is up with that belly. I think it finally dawned on him that something weird is happening to his mom. Being a mom to the doggers has prepared me a lot for you...sounds silly but it really has.

Heading to dinner tonight for some tator tots, last chance at fried and cheesy foods and dinner without a baby on my lap! Can't wait to meet you though so not a bad trade off.

Love mom!