Friday, September 9, 2011

38 weeks and still big!

Just had an ultrasound today, and Ocoee is estimated at 9 pounds. She is in the 95% for every category. Also my doctor said she had the most hair he has ever scanned in an maybe she will have some real hair when she is born. I got to see her face and it was pretty magical...I think she has my nose (bless her heart) and Mike's brow and lips. It was so funny because according to the magical computer measurements she was ready to be born.....yesterday. But I still don't think she is coming any time soon and I guess she is still growing at 1/2 pound a week...oh my how am I going to get her out of me!

Spent the afternoon with my preggers buddy Martina so I am in full baby mode. The ultrasound was on DVD so Mike and I watched it seeing Ocoee suck on her hand, already trying to nurse. The waiting game has begun but I am feeling good and still working and staying active. Have another doctor's appointment on Monday so we will see .....

Hope you like the cool 3D photos of our little girl.

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