Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I just don't know what to do with myself....

The white stripes song keeps playing in my head and my itunes as I write this blog. I really don't know what to do with myself...I am restless, but I can't concentrate on anything to distract myself. Work is winding down so that I can go on leave and not have to worry about projects, but I wish it was busier. I struggle to get up in the morning but don't want to start leave and just sit around the house twiddling my thumbs. House is clean, things are bought, we are ready...or as ready as we ever will be.

I have this theory that your general tempo in life is determined by when you are born. I was 3 week early and I am a fast tempo kinda gal. I am impatient, in a hurry and a go-getter. Pros and cons to being this way, but this is me. When I walk I am fast and with a purpose....where as my husband, who is 6'2 with a much longer stride is always behind me...I have to slow down to walk with him....kind of a metaphor for our lives together. He has actually enjoyed my pregnant state because he is faster than me when walking about and I have to ask him to slow down...oh how the worm turns!

So my hubby was 2 weeks late...he is laid back, more reserved and more thoughtful where I am impulse driven....see how it correlates....very sound scientific evidence I have gathered here.

This means Ocoee personality is being shaped by when she will be far she isn't early or late....maybe she is putting a lot of thought in to this event....her last ultrasound she seemed in deep thought. Her official due date is this Saturday. I have another ultrasound on Friday to check her weight...poor girl, already people are commenting on her weight! I will report back on how accurate they are post-birth...I just like the fact I get to see the little lady. I did find a "sign" as to when she could be born. On the back of my birth talisman hubby bought me they stamp what number the piece is, since each one is hand-made....and the number is 925....9/25...which is day late but I have a dr appt that day already so we will see. I would love it if that was true because how cool is it to have signs come true!

Here in Alaska the first termination dust (snow) has fallen on the peaks. We always take the doggers up to play in the snow because they have missed it so much, and it can be several weeks before it falls here in the Anchorage bowl, so maybe I can rally and take photos and well....this could be a good distraction. And the Huskers have the first road game of the season against Wyoming this saturday...which if labor happened might be a good one to miss....I mean Wyoming...I could probably make that team...pregnant :)

Now listening to OAR, crazy game of poker...remind me of pregnancy.


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