Monday, September 12, 2011

Things I will miss & not miss about being preggers

Bored with waiting today so trying to distract myself.

Things I will miss

1. How nice everyone is to you when you are preggers
2. Baby movements
3. Eating anything I crave
4. Not sucking my belly in
5. Full hair and good skin days
6. How easy she is to care for when she is in my belly
7. Feeling ok about being lazy

Things I will NOT miss

1. Heartburn
2. Not being able to bend over well
3. Being so big that I can't sit at my desk really
4. Itchy hands and feet
5. Stuffed nose and watery eyes
6. Weigh ins
7. People asking me when I am due
8. Not being able to drink
9. Shaving blindly
10. Emotions out of wack
11. Being so dang hot
12. Early pregnancy fatigue and nausea
13. Not fitting in clothes
14. Leg cramps
15. Not sleeping on my belly
16. Baby Brain!

So this may make it seem like I am a pretty unhappy pregnant lady, but not at all. It has been a pretty good experience and very few problems so I feel lucky. But there are some pretty uncomfortable moments during this journey...I am waiting for the day I can say. "One look at her made me forget it all"....I have been very skeptical when I heard other moms say this-so we will see!

Doctor appointment today so hoping to get this show on the road!

Cheers Janelle

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