Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's Friday!

So because my hubby and I gamble on everything and make ridiculous wagers about the most minuscule details we of course waged a bet on the due date of our little Ocoee. This was months ago and the prize was a guilt free day of time to ourselves to do whatever we wanted (pedicure, gym,spa for me and most likely beer and fishing for him). The official due date was 9/24, he picked 9/16 thinking she would be early and I picked 9/30 thinking she would be late.

The good news is I win!! I am trying to be very positive because it has come down to us having a C-section. This is what we wanted to avoid the whole time. We were worried about the recovery and possible complications of C-section as well it not being the birthing experience we had pictured in our heads. Due to her being late and also measuring big for so long we knew it was a possibility. After the doctors and us trying for 3 weeks to get things going by various methods we are thinking she is not moving into the pelvis like we need her to. Also due to my health issues with my cervix we are afraid that there might be scar tissue on the cervix that could cause issues.

It took us awhile to agree and we did try to wait a week so she could come on her own but it looks like the csection is the best decision. I would never forgive myself if I tried to have a different birth and it caused her issues. All we want is a healthy baby and a hopefully a quick recovery.

So we are doing the final preparations and heading in Friday to bring our bambino into this world. 41 weeks ago we were sitting on a beach in Maui watching babies play in the sand and in 2 days we will have our own baby. I am excited and nervous and 1000 thousand other emotions I can't put into words.

Tomorrow to prepare I will make a batch of halibut chowder that hubby can eat for a few days, make muffins to take to the hospital, clean the house yet again, walk the doggers, and buy some good chocolates for the nurses who will be helping my recovery and taking care of us and the baby.

Exciting next 48 hours.


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