Friday, September 2, 2011

37 weeks!

Well bambino we have entered your birthday least I hope you arrive sometime this month. You have moved lower into position like a racehorse getting ready for a big race, if only it would happen as fast as the Kentucky Derby! I walked a few miles yesterday and felt so sore afterwards. Your dad kept asking me how does it hurt, what does it feel like....I think very uncomfortable sums it up. On the upside, my hair and skin look great. I am as big as a house but I don't even mind. I feel pretty some days and others I feel like a beached beluga but vanity isn't an issue. I am concerned about getting back in shape after you come out, I am concerned about how you will come out and what will I do when you get here. I am a "think on my feet" kind of gal and I am sure I will figure it out. I have read over 9 different baby books and working on number ten, Bright from the start, my favorite right now. It tells me how to play with you the best to develop your growing eh? Your dad has also kegged the baby brew he made for us....mostly me but since I plan on breast feeding you may get a drop or two. Don't worry it is low in alcohol and timing is everything I have read about the drinking and breast feeding thing.

In an effort to stimulate the failing economy I have bought you a ridiculous amount of things, because that makes me feel more prepared. My last purchases will happen today I believe, then I am quitting...really I am. I ordered you an ihome for your tunes, super cool and changes colors, some Latin music because I will teach you another language if it kills me, and despite the fact I don't speak this language either. I plan on getting your some smart wool booties and some hand knit ones today downtown-support local!

Our first kids, our dogs all have birthdays on the 12 of this month. Brodie will be 12 years is his special year! Love will be 13 (at least) and Guiness will be 5. We are trying to figure out a special treat for them before you arrive and steal all their thunder. I actually can't wait for them to meet you. Especially Brodie. He will love you so much. He already likes your room and the fact you will be covered in food pieces often works in your favor with him. He actually looked at me waddling around and moaning from being sore yesterday, like what is up with that belly. I think it finally dawned on him that something weird is happening to his mom. Being a mom to the doggers has prepared me a lot for you...sounds silly but it really has.

Heading to dinner tonight for some tator tots, last chance at fried and cheesy foods and dinner without a baby on my lap! Can't wait to meet you though so not a bad trade off.

Love mom!

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