Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mothers Day 2014

Ocoee Dael Fey

Thank you for giving me the best job of my life. The last few days you have been especially cuddly and sweet. This morning you climbed into the hibernation bed and snuggled me, and this show of physical love really made me happy. Mothers day was a wonderful day to celebrate but the day in and day out love, battles, triumphs, falls and pick me ups are what I really love about being your mom. You will always be my baby.

Your favorite thing to do these days is "talk" to the chickens. You pet them, chase them, check their food, give them water and yes....talk their little chicken ears off.

You are also an excellent puzzle master. You can do a 30-45 piece puzzle all by yourself with no help from us the first time. I have no idea where this stacks up to other kids but I am impressed and you really are engaged and enjoying the puzzle time.

Your sweetness has been amplified as well as your cries....you never, ever threw tantrums before but you will do so now. They are usually indicators that you are overwhelmed and tired. But on the days when you are rested and happy......you are a joy to be with. The tantrum days just mean you need a nap. These are pretty rare.

You are digging picking out your own clothes and getting dressed. That is one of your new " responsibility" magnets.

I love you baby girl,

Your mama

Friday, May 9, 2014

9 years ago

This is a little belated but track season is finally over and I have some time to reflect.

Nine years ago on Derby Day hubby and I wed. I rushed in after working a shift at the diner a few blocks away that was my main income while going back for another degree to teach. I still smelled of burgers and fries as I quickly changed clothes. We hustled out the door to get downtown to the court house. Our good friends, Katie and Dan, met us there and we all spent about 10 minutes walking around the giant building looking for an open door. It was windy and hot.

Inside we filled out a little paperwork and then stood in front of the judge while Dan snapped a few pictures. It was dark and I remember thinking I should be really serious but it was hard to be in a serious mood. We had lived together for 2 years, owned our own home and knew we would marry after the first few weeks together. Life had us in a rush at the JOP but what really mattered was I got to marry my best friend.

After we headed to the Old Market with Katie and Dan and ate at M's pub. It was a fancy meal and quite the treat for all of us back then when we had more opinions than money.

We had been planning a destination wedding but I felt overwhelmed with family matters and then I got cervical cancer. All of a sudden a ceremony didn't matter as much as legal protections and insurance. We didn't even tell anyone because we still thought we would do a "real" wedding.

After a few months I decided, our love was real and so was our marriage, lets just tell everyone. Skipping the ceremony and just save for a fabulous trip to Hawaii. I remember having beers outside at Upstream in the Old Market in Omaha when this epiphany hit me.

My hubby is no fool and jumped at my choice. We sent out letters informing our friends and family and went to Kauai for 2 weeks. It was a truly magical vacation.

But we were really too young, too silly about commitment and knew nothing of the hard work marriage is. Thankful 9 years later we learned a lot and still love each other. We grew up together and our love grew from, " I love you" to " I love you, like you and sometimes want to strangle you but I will always be here and want to spend my life with you".  There were rough patches but the maturity of our love is really one of my greatest prides. I now make my marriage the biggest priority in my life. Our daughter has made us into a family and our love has grown with our family. We aren't young and silly about what commitment means, we know times will be rough but we will get through.

Thank you hubby for loving me and anchoring me in this life.

Daughter I hope you find a man as wonderful as your daddy. I hope we can teach you what a marriage takes to work and how to love with your whole heart and head. How to grow and be willing to change together. Happiness isn't cheap, it takes hard work and forgiveness. Here's to 9 more years of happily ever after.


Eyes closed, hearts open :)