Thursday, April 24, 2014


Ocoee was really in to Easter this year. We got her a special "Pete the Cat" book that talked about how Easter is about doing things for others. She wanted to do things for her friends at school so we made little treat bags with a rubber ducky, Easter tatoos and organic fruit snacks. She had quite the rubber ducky collection and was happy to get an Easter ducky. It was also her teacher's birthday on Good Friday so she made her a card and picked out a nice Easter Lilly to give her. She loves school and I have to admit her love for her teachers can even make me a bit jealous at times, but I realize the more adults who love and care for her the better.

We made cascarones (eggs shells emptied and wrapped in tissue paper) with our friends, stuffing them with glitter and bird seed. My hubby has officially banned glitter since we are still finding it all over days later. I figure that is a good idea. All of the adults and older kids loved these cascarones that you break and smash over other peoples' heads but Ocoee had a melt down and really hated the glitter and smashing...she loved it last year so I am confident she will come around. She is sensitive and often cries over spilled milk...literally.

The Easter bunny was very generous this year. I told Ocoee that Grandma must have put in a good word for her (thanks grandma) because her basket was overflowing and she also got an amazing dollhouse that will fit her Pakistan doll furniture she received a few months ago from her great-grandma/grandpa Klaasmeyer.
(Will post about that later).

Her favorite items from her Easter basket were her rubber ducky lollipop, her new bunny in a box and her wooden eggs spelling her name. She adores her new puzzles and I love that she can put them together on her own and it completely mesmerized by them....who needs tv!

Here Ocoee helps her friends stuff eco-eggs. Like the plastic versions only made of biodegradable plant material. You can buy them from the natural candy store.

Adding yummy organic chocolate and gummies to the eggs.

She loved her Tucker and Tate bunny sweater so much! I watched her on the monitor get up in the night and get it from the hamper to sleep with.

Easter basket included a new hat for the hot summer in the lower 48, handmade eggs and chickens from Etsy, Djeco puzzles, lego zoo, haba elephant and other goodies.

The big surprise was a Land of Nod doll house/book case. We need a big version so we could put her extra large Pakistan doll furniture in it. When she outgrows it as a doll house we can use it for books and toys.

She can spell her first and last name! Love these eggs.

We set up a photo backdrop for some cute Easter shots. Cute fabric but poorly executed on my part since you can see the seam....oh well she is adorable any way!

Ocoee's Easter dress was a hand me up from a friend and she walked around swirling the skirt in a girly moment.

My lovelies

Ocoee sporting her bunny ears order for her first Easter a few years ago from Pottery Barn. They make a great photo prop.

Gathering for the egg hunt in the park. At 50 degrees we were so hot! Plus the snow was mostly melted. Early spring here in Alaska!

Ocoee again was the master egg hunter. We walked to the park the next day and found a half a dozen eggs we all somehow missed the day before.

This was how she felt after the cascarones were broken. It was too much for her little toddler heart to handle. 

The best thing about Easter brunch is how easy and casual it is. We had bagels, croissants, lox, breakfast potatoes, fruit and chips with dip. We ate, hung out, took photos and then hunted eggs. By 5 the house was cleaned up (except the glitter) and we were on the deck enjoying the sunshine. Ocoee spent time telling the chickens all about her day and mommy felt relaxed after a successful holiday in the books. Grandma really made this one special and we only wish we could have been with family as well as friends.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Ocoee update: 2 years, 6 months, 4 days

I walked in the door yesterday around 5:45. I had coached track after school, went to the gym to lift weights, snagged some easter basket goodies at our favorite toy store, and bought some groceries. Hubby was getting Ocoee and starting dinner. After a week of testing at school my mind was already on the pasta dinner and big glass of vino waiting for me.

Then I opened the door. Hubby was in the kitchen cooking and Ocoee was on the floor, lying between his legs, crying her head off. I scooped her up and asked what was wrong. In between gulps and cries she sad she was sad because daddy wouldn't read her a book.

Oh sweet baby. First world problems for sure.

Later hubby explained he read her several books then let her know he needed to begin dinner. Then she melt down. She was a tired baby who wasn't getting much sleep at night. I always say she is an angel......if she is well fed and rested!

Her favorite things are reading books, putting together puzzles (she is so good at them!) and playing with her babies. Most of her play is imagination play. She is super helpful around the house and does all of her responsibilities on her chart.

About a week ago for the first time ever she told me for the first time, unprovoked, "mommy I love you". What wonderful words to hear. She also tells me, "you are so nice".

Man I love that little girl!