Saturday, June 14, 2014

Homer weekend-June 2014

We were finally able to make time to visit the Homer cabin. I have dubbed it the H3C, Homer Hesketh Hill Cabin. As we approached in the water taxi there she stood on the top of the hill with eagles soaring by her, so lovely against the sky.

Ocoee and Hubby stand down by the cliffs with the cabin in the background.
We dropped no essential gear on the beach and headed up the hill for the strenuous but short hike that was our trail from last summer. Seeing no clear trail or road we went up the steepest but shortest way. Many curse words and tears were spilt on that first bushwhacking hike and I am sure the road to hell is paved not in good intentions but instead in Devils Club.

This time though the path was in much better shape due to the boys coming a few weeks before to do some chainsaw work on the main trail on the back side of the hill. We were happily almost there when we saw another tree had fallen in the last few weeks. UGH! We spent the 10 minutes climbing through a spider web of limbs and branches just steps from the cabin.

Once we made it though I was happy to see the boys left the place in good order. Mike figured out how to deal with the tree that had fallen on the roof and miraculously missed the chimney. He had it off with brain and brawn....very manly moment. Patched the roof and then spent time working on the back trail. The 5 year goal is to make the trail an ATV road so we could move more gear and people can access the cabin easier. But to be honest I am happy with the meandering trail that is there now. It needs more work for sure but I most anyone in ok shape can make it up in 30 minutes with very little strain. Supplies have to be backpacked in but that is why it is such is remote. At the end of the Kenai peninsula, down the Homer spit, across Kachemak bay and then up the HILL. Don't have to worry about locking the door!

My projects for the cabin included, two indoor outdoor rugs for the living room and lower bedroom. Curtains for the lower two windows, a little sink curtain to hide the storage area, some blackout curtains to divide the bedroom from kitchen and some fresh organic sheets for the loft beds. We worked, read, ate, drank wine and played on the beach. Mike went to bed every night really tired from his more arduous work. Eagles swooped by often and the wood fire stove kept us all cozy.

One day we had amazing weather and spent the day kayaking, beach combing (Ocoee found dozens of jellyfish) and sipping beers on the beach. I even took a nap in the sun laying against a piece of driftwood. Hubby fished and caught a few pinks and small cod...nothing we ate but fun all the same.

It was good to get away.

Here are some pictures of the weekend.

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Dear Bambino

It is an unfortunate twist of life that in order to be a part of this big, crazy, messy, beautiful world you must also experience loss. Lately we have had a lot of loss in our lives. From coworkers losing jobs, to losing pets both feather and furred, to the worst of all losing people we are close with.

You are now too little and young to understand loss. We explain the best we can, very truthfully and direct, and add some spiritual guidance such as, "Brodie will always be your doggy in your heart" and "his memories live on". These words are ok by you and you deal ok. We are breaking inside every time we have to bring loss into your lovely little world.

You too will experience loss. You will lose friendships, jobs, romances and people who you hold close to your heart.

Sometimes you may even lose yourself. I have been there and it is a raw feeling. I know you will have the courage to find yourself again and be the person you were meant to be.
These losses great and small will hurt your heart. I will be there to offer you words, maybe a little different that when you were two, but trying to comfort you all the same. Moving forward and  letting go of grief, loss, guilt.....these are hard goals work towards every moment after you have to let someone or something precious go.

Little things can also restore you sense of joy and hope. Things such as the dragon fly that landed on my hand today, you making me laugh and kind words from a friend. Healing beauties of our world.

Lovely bambino, with curly hair and so much to say and share. Look around and find the beauty in the world. Know that in times of loss you must take a breath and know that wonderful moments await you and that this too shall pass. Know always that you are loved.