Friday, April 4, 2014

Ocoee update: 2 years, 6 months, 4 days

I walked in the door yesterday around 5:45. I had coached track after school, went to the gym to lift weights, snagged some easter basket goodies at our favorite toy store, and bought some groceries. Hubby was getting Ocoee and starting dinner. After a week of testing at school my mind was already on the pasta dinner and big glass of vino waiting for me.

Then I opened the door. Hubby was in the kitchen cooking and Ocoee was on the floor, lying between his legs, crying her head off. I scooped her up and asked what was wrong. In between gulps and cries she sad she was sad because daddy wouldn't read her a book.

Oh sweet baby. First world problems for sure.

Later hubby explained he read her several books then let her know he needed to begin dinner. Then she melt down. She was a tired baby who wasn't getting much sleep at night. I always say she is an angel......if she is well fed and rested!

Her favorite things are reading books, putting together puzzles (she is so good at them!) and playing with her babies. Most of her play is imagination play. She is super helpful around the house and does all of her responsibilities on her chart.

About a week ago for the first time ever she told me for the first time, unprovoked, "mommy I love you". What wonderful words to hear. She also tells me, "you are so nice".

Man I love that little girl!


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