Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mothers Day 2014

Ocoee Dael Fey

Thank you for giving me the best job of my life. The last few days you have been especially cuddly and sweet. This morning you climbed into the hibernation bed and snuggled me, and this show of physical love really made me happy. Mothers day was a wonderful day to celebrate but the day in and day out love, battles, triumphs, falls and pick me ups are what I really love about being your mom. You will always be my baby.

Your favorite thing to do these days is "talk" to the chickens. You pet them, chase them, check their food, give them water and yes....talk their little chicken ears off.

You are also an excellent puzzle master. You can do a 30-45 piece puzzle all by yourself with no help from us the first time. I have no idea where this stacks up to other kids but I am impressed and you really are engaged and enjoying the puzzle time.

Your sweetness has been amplified as well as your cries....you never, ever threw tantrums before but you will do so now. They are usually indicators that you are overwhelmed and tired. But on the days when you are rested and happy......you are a joy to be with. The tantrum days just mean you need a nap. These are pretty rare.

You are digging picking out your own clothes and getting dressed. That is one of your new " responsibility" magnets.

I love you baby girl,

Your mama


  1. I always think it's better to not know how your kid stacks up...it's too much fun for them and for you to be mind-blowingly proud of their accomplishments, big or small! I'd rather have that than be stressed and trying to force the kiddos to push on to the next accomplishment. (That being said, I highly doubt that Ellis could put together a puzzle like that...we don't have any puzzles other than the kind that have the holes cut out for each piece so it may be some time before we figure it out!)

  2. I agree! We all have different gifts, and even if it was 4 pieces and it made her that happy I would be impressed. We start soccer this Thursday so we will get a chance to see how much of my lack of sports ability she inherited......I am thinking a lot :) But what fun running will be.