Friday, September 16, 2011

Seeking advice

So my fellow friends, moms, dads, non-parents and expectant parents:

I am looking for advice on how to survive the first 2 weeks of life with a new baby. Also any parenting advice that you wish someone would have told you.

Wise men don't need advice. Fools won't take it.
-Benjamin Franklin

I am neither wise nor a fool (most days) but your advice will help keep me from making foolish mistakes. Plus I need the entertainment while I am waiting for bambino to pop. I do think if the Huskers keep playing as they have been it may induce labor just by watching the stress levels are so high!

Also, don't think you have to be parent to offer advice. I used to want to write a book called, How to raise a child from someone who has never had children,...I really think the actual experience of having kids and raising them ruins all the great idealistic tips I could spout off, like this gem I told my brother's step-sons...."Don't smoke because it stinks up cashmere sweaters really badly and no girl will have her sweater all stunk by some boy..gross!" I stand by that brilliant advice :)


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