Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Reason you could be born today....but most likely won't

Ok Ocoee here are some reasons you could be born today. I am sure your like our BBBD (big black brodie dog) and need a hand-written invitation for even the most obvious things so I thought this might help coax you out....I know, I know, My womb is like a 5 star hotel.

The sunrise this morning as beautiful, gold and pink over the mountains, I actually said wow out loud....see wouldn't that go great in your birth story.

Your dad picked this day months ago as his delivery guess....but he wins the bet if that happens and we girls never want to let daddy win so maybe scratch this one.

The word of the day from in my email box was our last name...the definitions range from supernatural to a little crazy so not the best definition but we are in the dictionary right?

I am tired or working and people asking me when you are going to be born, my schedule is clear and my bags are packed.

The house is clean.

The dogs' birthdays were the 12th, my mom's was the 13th and so the 14th is just waiting for you. Plus you avoided Sept. 11 so we are clear.

The fabulous doctor who I want to deliver you leaves for Hawaii on Tuesday so your running out of time...otherwise you will ether have to wait for him to be back from Hawaii or else have some stranger deliver you.

So there are lots of reasons but I am at work and bored and your not showing any signs of coming so I guess this is a pointless blog....a distraction though. Guess it gives me another day to eat foods that I will be giving up soon to shake off this baby cushion I have built all around my body.

Your mom

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