Thursday, January 15, 2015

33 weeks pregnant

Taking the sled for a spin to the Lagoon. These days I am wishing someone would pull me in a sled!

I was laying in bed last night and thinking I really should blog about how difficult this baby is to carry versus Ocoee. Not to guilt poor baby Atticus (though he better love me forever and ever for all this work!) but to note the difference for historical reference. I reached for the journal that I keep beside my bed for each kiddo and then realized I didn't have a pen. It was too difficult to leave my bed to get a yea that sums up how hard this pregnancy has been. I am really wishing I lived in Europe where my dear friend was REQUIRED to take the last 6 weeks of pregnancy off work. SIGH!

That being said we are finally getting the baby room together. Hubby has painted the walls, new windows will go in for sound reduction in a few weeks (hopefully before baby comes) and grandma got us a fun wool rug. I splurged on one cool piece of art (pictures to come) that is a wall decal of the world and the closet organizer is installed. Since we won't be doing a crib we have lots of space in the room and were able to out up Ocoee's cool teepee from a few years ago. It fits the modern, bright decor perfectly.

44 more days to go!


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