Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A week of firsts

We had several firsts this week. Yesterday was the first time we went for a walk using the stroller. It started off fine with her snuggling into the car seat that attaches to the stroller really well, she had on her going outside clothes and was all ready...all mom had to do was get the stroller open...ugh really. How many degrees does a person need to open these damn things, cause I have several and it almost didn't happen. I was literally out front of the garage with the owners manual pushing the damn button that says push and nothing was happening. I had to fight the urge to throw the damn thing across the driveway. After about 15 minutes it just opened...obviously I was doing something wrong...grrr. I practiced several times last night with hubby by my side and it worked perfectly. Not sure what was going on other than a chance to entertain my neighbors. I can just hear them, "look at the crazy new mom who can't even open her stroller". Is this what they mean by parenthood being humbling.

After getting the thing open we had a great stroll. It was easy for me to walk at a good pace and Ocoee liked the fresh air. She spent the first 20 minutes just looking around thinking, ok this is new, then she crashed and napped while I got my walk on. Got to fit back into my clothes sometime. I actually talked to my brother today who only weights like 6 pounds more than me! The weight is coming off according to the scale but I am more eager to get to the gym and lift and tone all the squishy bits. Working out gives me energy and that is something I am lacking in spades these days.

Our other first came today when we left the house, drove, and went out in public for the first time all by ourselves. Ocoee has been to the doctor and on walks, hikes and trails but always with daddy in attendance. Today we met my friend Martina for lunch at our local sushi spot, which is a few minutes up the road. It was great because Martina is preggers so we can talk baby, I got to have a mountain view roll for the first time in 11 months, and the place was empty except for us. So no gross germs floating around on my baby. The ladies working even served us free miso soup...pregnant lady and lady with baby scores major brownie points I guess.

Ocoee was wonderful. She woke a few times to look around and then crash again. I was more proud of myself for using the car seat correctly and getting up and out the house successfully. Woohoo! The minor victories are crucial :0

I also just got my new iphone4s so I can now take video of sassy little girl and put it here. She changes so fast I feel I have to record it all. Growing up we had 2 fires and I was the 2nd child so there are very few photos much less videos of me. It is something I miss having, especially once I got pregnant. I want to make sure she has all of the important milestones of her life documented. I love photography and technology so it plays to my passion but I also hope she enjoys looking back on all of these first and special moments.


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