Saturday, October 15, 2011

Things about you..

Since I can't remember much these days I want to write down some things about you. Only 15 days old and you have a big personality already.

You often look concerned
You can give a mean stink eye
You like to coo and make the sweetest sounds ever in your sleep
You first bath in a bucket was a huge success, you seemed really happy in water
You have been working up to your first smile, it is already adorable

You peed on mommy on the couch
You got grandma with poop and pee
You permanently scarred daddy with a big shooting across the room poop
You think that baby in the mirror is really pretty dang cute
You love to sleep and go on walks in the moby wrap
When hungry insert bottle quickly to avoid a melt down- and you have a huge appetite

We love you very much. We just had your newborn photo shoot and will have some awesome pictures of you soon.

Love mom

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