Sunday, September 14, 2014


Fall is a time of transition and letting go. We say goodbye to summer and all it entails and embrace the change of the seasons. 

Yesterday was a special day at our house. It was my mom's birthday. Our beloved dogs, Brodie and Love also shared this birthday. Since we lost Brodie and Love we have been waiting for this day to have a memorial to pay our respects and celebrate the joy they brought to our family. 

We had little brass plaques made an found a favorite tree in Russian jack park. They are side by side on the tree like they so often were in life. The walk in the park reminded us of hundreds we shared with the dogs over the last 5 years. The rain stopped and the sun shined, making it a lovely day to stroll through the birch trees. 

On the way to the creek where we wanted to spread Brodie's ashes we walked through the tunnel, like many times before. Our tradition is to yell and hear our echo. This time we yelled, Brodie! Love! Words that so often spilled from our mouths before but we hadn't said much of lately. Then Ocoee whispered, we miss you. My eyes were filled with tears. 

We reached the creek and let Brodie's ashes fall in the creek. The creek gurgled and bubbled along on a perfect fall day. Brodie loved to sit in the creek and cool off, drinking from the fresh cool water. He was the typical lab who could not resist water. 

I really don't have the words to describe how much our dogs meant to us and how much they gave us during their 15 years on earth. Most of you have owned dogs and know. It is something I will always treasure. 

RIP Brodie dog and Love dog. 


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