Monday, July 18, 2011

Pregnancy 4D!!!

Today during the new Harry Potter movie I had my first Braxton Hicks contractions. It was a 4D showing....which I was told is even better than 3D. It was my first movie experience in any extreme D and Ocoee was kicking and contractions happened. Quite an eventful movie...oh yea and Harry killed Voltamore, or whatever his name is :)

I am 31 weeks and feel great. My back aches have gone away and I even got a good nights sleep last night. Ocoee is still busy kicking up a storm in my belly and has even had hiccups several times. Last night as I laid down I could feel the constant beat of her hiccups and this left me feeling very connected to her. It seems amazing that I have been carrying her around for 7 1/2 much of life has been about her and she doesn't even know it. I really do feel so much love already which is unexpected and wonderful.

I bought my first cloth diaper, just to see what they were like. I am hoping to receive more at my shower but I wanted to hold one and imagine all those diapers I would be changing. I offered a little minilesson to hubby as well, can't help that, it is the teacher in me. I actually watched videos from the fuzzibunz website to show me how to do it! I am such a nerd.

Here in Alaska we are in the heart of fishing season. My house smells of smoked salmon which to me, along with salt water, and the fresh clean breezes of Alaska has become the smell of summer. It is an important time since we eat the smoked salmon, frozen fillets and halibut all winter. Brodie alerted me of another activity that will fill my late summer months by spending a good amount of time hunting for raspberries. He loves them so much. I let him have all the ones in the yard that are at his level since we have so many bushes of them in the back part of the yard. We actually just finished our final jar of jam from last year. Soon my fingers will be stained from endless picking.

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