Saturday, July 30, 2011

Letter to Ocoee-33 weeks

Dear darling little Ocoee

I feel so connected to you as I writes since your moving and squirming inside my belly to some secret dance that only you know the steps to. Remember this love of movement and don't let your daddy tell you that like your mother you dance like a white girl or Elaine from is a good way to get laughs around the house though. Last night I laid in bed sick and sniffling, not sleeping, with the first cold of my pregnancy. And I imagined you. I think it was the sock order I put in on babysteals because I was thinking to myself, I will have a baby, my baby to put these ridiculously small little socks on. I could see your feet in my head. The were pink and had the same freckle on the bottom that I have and my mom had as well. Genetically speaking your are doomed to huge feet, but this will give you as Bob Dylan says, "a sturdy foundation when the winds of changes shift".

Your pops is in a hurry to get you here. I on the other hand am content to let you bake as long as you need. Sure it can be uncomfortable with this big belly at times but you will be rushed your whole life to go here, do this, get dressed, and dang it reel that fish in! Why start now. Enjoy the peace you have inside doing whatever little, upside down floating Ocoee wants to do. We are pretty prepared for your arrival but take your time sweetheart. I reserve the right to change my mind about this in a few weeks :)

Speaking of being ready for your arrival, I have a baby shower coming up in a week! Very exciting. It is like the first party for you. You will get gifts, eat yummy food and be the center of attention...and you haven't even taken your first breathe yet. I can't wait!!

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