Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Best baby shower ever!

So I am not an expert on baby showers by any means. I usually send a nice expensive gift and avoid going. My friends have all been very helpful in this effort of mine to avoid showers by having babies out of state of where I am living at the time. So when it came time for me to have my own I felt so relieved when my good friends Kathleen, Staci and Shelly took the reins and I was able to just attend. What a concept. GIving up control was actually easy because if there is one thing these ladies know how to do it is throw a party. There was amazing food (example. home made foccocia bread with rosemary, and grapes along with a french cheese fodue for dipping), a uber cool and tasty homemade cake, plenty of wine, vodka and homemade lemonade, and non-alcoholic drinks for me, and best of all good friends who made me feel so special and loved. It all made me so excited to be bringing a child into this amazing life I live.

Some highlights were the eco friendly gift wrap contest which was won by Shelly who sewed juicy fruit packages together to make a beautiful bag....she needs an etsy account she is so crafty! Other gave her a run for her money and in the end there was very little trash to throw away, so I felt good about that. The girls also got together and wrote the wittiest quiz for hubby to take and that made me laugh and cry. My friends who could not be there sent gifts and love and my mother in law arranged for my hubby to get me flowers and a bottle of post delivery champagne.....knowing she was thinking of me makes me smile....she is going to be the best grandma!

Each and every gift was thoughtful and perfect. Some were homemade and heirloom quality others are going to be used over and over and will be lifesavers. Overall it was an amazing day and I feel like a lucky lady to be the recipent of such love and generosity! Ocoee has a well stocked nursery and we are ready for this new adventure and journey.

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