Thursday, September 12, 2013

To my daughter

Ocoee being a woman has many blessings. Have a sisterhood of wonderful friends, being a mother and growing into your feminine self. 

But right now I am over the onslaught against women. Mostly marketing and media. 

I  am
really tired of always seeing the message that I need to be prettier, younger and thinner. Even as a self confident woman these slimy message sneak into your life and it is exhausting. Sure I could spend $100 on new anti aging cream or I could realize I am getting older and deal. The alternative is death. I think I will take aging. I can spend that money on a trip with my family, college savings or loads of chocolate. 

Also skinnier. I read this great blog about how strong isn't the new skinny. It is skinny plus get ripped. Strength isn't measured in waist lines, dress sizes or six packs. Strength is measured in actions and persistence. 

The whole prettier thing is lame too. Why must we strive to be pretty? Does it make us a better person? Happier? Where is the self fulfillment in prettiness? Maybe others like you more, but one thing dear daughter you will learn is that what others think about you is of little consequence to what you think of yourself. 

I hope you know that you are strong, brave, loving and generous. Just as old age will weather me you too will not always be young. One day you might feel that you are not enough. But you are. Always you have been enough and more.  
These standards and pressures that society pushes at you are meaningless. Figure out your own measure of happiness and pursue it. Your mama wants so much more for you than prettiness, thinness and youth. Please spend not a moment thinking of these silly, silly unrealistic standards of women. 

I love you darling bug. Alway and completely. 


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