Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekend projects

We worked on a few projects this weekend. Most were boring like laundry and shopping. But I was finally able to get the book shelves for Ocoee's room finished. 

I bought 4 Ikea spice racks while in Phoenix and painted them a creamy white to match Ocoee's dressers. At last we got them hung on the wall and they look great! The cost was $4 a piece plus $4 for spray paint. So $20 plus a flight to Arizona made it all possible!!

It was nice to get some of her books out of the closet and displayed so she could easily see them and grab what she wants to read. She is beginning to show some independence with wanting to "read" books on her own. 

Ocoee also spent some time working on her own project. She adores making art. 

With all this rain it is good to get some inside projects done. 


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