Monday, November 11, 2013

Potty training update

Ocoee has been doing excellent with potty training. We give her a few weeks to get used to the transition to the 2 year old room at school and then we told her no more diapers except at naps (home only) and bedtime. She gets fancy organic jelly beans from trader joes if she goes potty and a sticker. She has only had 3-4 accidents and has pottied at restaurants and friends houses with no big issues. We are very very happy. When she is done she likes to say bye bye to pee and say, mommy so proud! I guess what we say does sink in. 

I was so ready to have her potty train. After 2 years of washing cloth diapers I was looking forward to less laundry. Now that it is going so well it has sunk in that this is another milestone. She forges ahead and grows up whether I like it or not. Taking the time to reflect and enjoy these special moments helps but it still seem so fast. 

But cheers to less laundry!


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