Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Christmas morning

So I am finally getting around to posting about Christmas morning. First I have to say this was the best Christmas ever. We really were able to get in the spirit since Ocoee was old enough to partake in the festivities. She is still singing holiday songs.

We don't do a lot of gifts at our house since we do a family vacation to Hawaii (post will come soon) and really being together is all we need. Ocoee loved her kitchen from Santa and I loved all the gourmet goodies in my stocking. Ocoee asked for a mouse from Santa and was a good girl since she received two mice! We call them little mouse and big mouse. The other huge hit was the Usborne sticker books from her stocking. She played with these the entire plane ride and in Hawaii. We even hit up the Hawaii Barnes and Noble to get more for the ride home.

Anyways here are the photos...

 Ocoee under the tree, she loved touching the ornaments and called them all her sisters. When we took the tree down she helped me and gave each one a kiss bye when I boxed them up!

Ocoee at Russian Jack. Mild, warm winter this year, but ice has been a pain!

 Kraig, me and Mike doing a little Xmas Break XC skiing. Ocoe and Kayla watched up a bit and then headed back to the house.

Another beautiful tree from Bell's. I finally found the best star topper from Bells this year. We added some new ornaments from a local Alaskan artist from Mike's parents and a new Swarovski for Ocoee's annual ornament.

 Ocoee's kitchen on Xmas morning. Elfie was also sitting on her kitchen and she was so nervous to actually get to touch her after a month of not touching her!

 Gifts include a construction worker set, chicken coop with 3 chickens (just like ours in back yard), new Pete the Cat books and a panda bear.

Coming down a very excited Ocoee!

 New smartwool dude socks from her stocking!

 My swanky gourmet stocking! Stockings are my favorite part of xmas morning.

Ocoee was very careful opening gifts. We take turns and each open one at a time.

 Hubby opening his lures that Ocoee bought him, it looked like a lady bug.

 I was lucky to get 3 doggy erasers from Ocoee. Which she immediately took from me and placed in her sled pocket....I haven't seen them since!

Ocoee got some awesome wooden eggs for her kitchen. They have proved to be one of her favorite gifts.

 We started the new tradition of each getting a record for the other on Xmas. I got hubby the new National on vinyl, Ocoee got Valerie June (her first for her record collection) and I got the new Avett Bros from hubby.

Finally opening the big Advent Calendar gift! The whole calendar was a huge hit this year!

Our Holidays were merry and bright!! I feel lucky to have so much and the time to enjoy my family during the holidays.


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