Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Maui 2013

This year we were back on the west side on Maui, which is our favorite. Though I love to explore and try new places, my family truly relishes the vacation experience of going somewhere where we know our way around and what to expect. Expectations of sunshine, warmth and fresh fruit were once again met!

 At our condo. Ocoee did a great job wearing her hat and sunblock. She did yell at us to turn the sun off and stop the waves....her sense were overloaded at first, but she got used to it!

Daddy gave her and I a lei for our Xmas eve dinner at Pacific O's.

 Hanging at the beach, building sand castles.

Ah, I love Hawaii!!

Lanai in the background. Not many whales this year due to a large sardine blume in California.

Watching the sun go to bed...

At the pool Ocoee loved her ladybug, her kickboard and just swimming with her santa ducky.

 This was our little beach right outside of our condo, perfect for end of day drink and playing in sand.

 Trying to fly his xmas gift kite....not so much!

Santa Ducky!

 Ocoee mermaid!

 Perfect keiki beach in Kanaapali! Protected from waves and warm!

After 10 days of family, relaxation, sun, swimming and fresh fruit I felt like a million bucks! Wow, how do I survive the dark winters of Alaska.....Hawaii!


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