Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bambino is a big girl!

So after an ultrasound on Wednesday, we found out that Ocoee is a big girl! She has consistently measured in the top 97% for babies at her age of gestation and on Wednesday they said she was already 2 pounds! Most babies are 1.25 by the 25 week. Now we are in week 26 and she is kicking like a she is krumping in there or something. I am glad she is healthy and growing well but the fact that Mike was a 10 pound baby is not making my fear of delivery any less.

Also can I just say that I love Pottery Barn Kids. Not only do they have cute organic bedding that I ordered for the nursery, but they had half the order at my door step in 3 days. Also when the cool cherry blossom decal I purchased went on sale 2 days after I ordered it, I called and they refunded the difference before I even asked. Love that customer service. The nursery is starting to take shape. The hubby flew home early from Nome to surprise me on Saturday and then whipped into handy man mode and put together the crib and bookcase. We also received the organic mattress for the crib yesterday-thanks to Mike's mom Peg! It was nice to open the mattress and not have that weird chemical smell.

We are down to the last few months of this pregnancy and I still have a lot to do....my energy is running low and I am pretty uncomfortable at nights, when bending, and about a dozen other times during the day. I would not trade it for anything in the world though. Can't wait to meet my little Ocoee.

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