Thursday, June 30, 2011

Counting sheep

Sleep has been a long hard rode the last few weeks. Getting comfortable proves to be ridiculously hard. Little Ocoee is also a night time kicker. She gets really active as soon as I lay down for bed and then also has a disco party around 4 a.m. that wakes me up. Thank goodness it is summer and I don't have to get up super early. I love watching my belly bounce and move and knowing that there is a little baby in there....mine and hubby's strange and wonderful.

The belly seems to be a world all of its own outside of my world. So far no stretch marks and I also got a maternity support belt that should help with the back pain I have been getting. My belly button is still and innie but I am not sure for how much longer. I am officially 7 months tomorrow.....3 months left...woohoo. It seems to be going painfully fast and slow all at the same time. We have done many of the items on my baby "to do" list. The birth class was more educational for hubby than me since I felt I had read much of the same info in books and online already. We also had the maternity tour and I just kept thinking....this is no 5 star hotel. You would think that the miracle of birth could come with a little luxury! The hospital is highly rated for their nicu unit and professional, high quality staff so I am just being picky.

Last doctor appointment went well. We are now on the every 2 week visit plan and things are looking great. We are heading camping and fishing this weekend which is the first trip for the summer and I hope we make it ok. Camping with a belly this big may be a little much but the fresh Alaskan air and beautiful sea, mountains and wildlife will be worth a little discomfort.

Happy 4th of July. Remember that we are really celebrating the fact that a bunch of rich white men didn't want to pay taxes :)


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