Friday, June 3, 2011

Six months today!

Officially six months today. I am celebrating by doing a little prenatal yoga, watching birth videos on youtube and walking a 12k race with some friends. My hubby will brew a fresh batch of beer with Alaskan Holy water (glacial water from an artisan well down the Seward Highway). The youtube birth videos sucked me in while I was looking for some prenatal yoga videos. They made me alternate between crying and being totally grossed out. It is starting to sink in that this baby is only a few months away from wanting to come on out and play....that part scares me. I know women have done it for a really long time so I am hoping that I will be ready when our time comes. We have our birth class scheduled for June 19th which is Father's day so that is very fitting. I need some good ideas about what to get hubby for Father's day....a new tool belt since he has been Mr. Fix It around the house.

My belly and weight have been about the same for the last month. I guess I am an early popper but it hasn't gotten much bigger since. She kicks and moves so much! Hubby is really starting to be impressed with the force of the kicks. Makes me happy to know she is healthy and seemingly happy in there.

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