Friday, November 4, 2011

The sweet moments

Being a parent for me has been boiled down to moments in time. Sure there are the please go to sleep, gross that came out of you and I really would like some "me" time moments, but those seem fleeting while the sweet moments seem to linger in my mind. The moments when you look all content and satisfied like there is nothing better than being in your daddy's or mommy's arms. The moments when you coo and chat away about all the exciting things you want to tell me about, when you tangle your little fingers in my hair, because you know that this hair means it is mommy holding you...these break my heart and fill me with happiness.

While I show my joy for having you with sappy moments of teary eyed love your daddy loves to laugh at....I mean with you. Your bath time expression always makes him laugh and he was so excited to get you your mohawk hat from Etsy, which made us both roar with laughter. His laugh has always been one of my favorite things about is so genuine and full of honesty, thank you for bringing more of his laughter to both of us. Now if he can just remember those moments when your fussy and won't go to sleep at night, we will all be happier :)

Punk rock mohawk hat from Supersmallfry on cover our increasingly balding baby's head!

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