Wednesday, November 16, 2011


We had a big transition at our house last night. Ocoee slept in her crib. In her room. Not beside me. I didn't plan for this to happen it just did, like a band-aid being ripped off. Hubby decided after her bath he would try to get her to sleep in her crib, which she has never done even though we have attempted naps there before. After turning on the following sleep inducing electronic devices:

Sleep sheep
Ipod light up color cube
Moose LED nightlight

SHE SLEPT! Like really well, from 8:30 until 1:30. Around 11 when we went to bed I was very conflicted. I didn't think she would sleep and was not ready for this transition to the just seemed too early and too sudden. Thank goodness we have the video baby monitor because I laid down in bed and just watched her sleep...until hubby took it away and told me to sleep. He brought up a good point...did I need her to be beside me more than she needed to be beside me....her bassinet looked so empty and lonely. But the truth is, we all slept better. Me, hubby, the dogs and Ocoee.

At one point after her 1:30 wake up and feeding, she was fussy and making noises...which I usually respond to. A few moments before I was about to go charging up the stairs to her nursery, super mom cape flapping in the wind, she feel asleep...on her own. Isn't that what I raise a independent, confident girl (so maybe self soothing to sleep isn't indictative of these traits but sorta). Tonight we will see if it happens again, but I think her room is now her room to sleep and grow in. I did spend a lot of time designing it to be the perfect baby nest. All of her stuff is there and I must say feeding her in the rocking chair was so comfy!

Also this morning we put on the baby bjorn for the first time (hubby has used it before) and of course Ocoee took the opportunity of being aimed directly at mommy's boobs to spit up... a bunch. I think it is my fault because I did sorta have to squeeze her belly in the loading into the bjorn process. I had to even change my sports :) The best thing about wearing her is that I can just look down to take a deep breath of her wonderful baby smell or steal a kiss to the top of her noggin any time I want.

The pictures are of a very important baby blanket that Ocoee has. The quilt was made for my step dad when he was born and it was my favorite quilt growing up. When I moved to college my brother and I literally fought over who got to keep it...I won of course. The quilt was well loved and is now over a 60 years old.

A few years back I had it turned into baby quilts when my niece, Ava, was born. The quilt had many holes and rips in it but I found a quilter who was able to turn it into 3 baby quilts. One went to my niece Ava, one went to my best friend in college,Meredith (for her son Owen) and one I just hung on to thinking well maybe one it is Ocoee's. Blankets symbolize a lot. When given as a gift they show how the giver wants to provide comfort to the recipent. Ocoee has been blessed to receive several homemade blankets and quilts, each one I treasure because they are like a big warm hug and when she is laying on them or wrapped up cozy and warm I feel the love and protection each giver sends her way.

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