Thursday, December 13, 2012

Advent calendar for toddlers

For Christmas this year I have been very aware of the traditions we are forming now we have Ocoee in our lives. We have some from our childhood and some that are unique to just us.

One that we just started was an advent calendar. Since Ocoee is too young for treats or small toys (she would eat them!) I decided on an ornament a day idea.

These are not normal ornaments. These are handmade felt ornaments that she places on her very own felt christmas tree. I saw the idea on pininterest and loved it. I went to the fabric store, bought my material and got to work.

Well let's just stay my stunning lack of craft skills are shining in this project. The tree is crooked and strange looking and the best I could do for ornaments were roundish ornaments and an odd candy came in red only. Stripes are beyond me. My snowflake looks like Swiss cheese.

Other than the ugliness factor it is a hit! She says tree, tree. Well I think that is what she is saying anyway and we pick her new ornament from her advent calendar each day. The tree is stapled to the hall wall so it is hidden from offending visitors but is perfect for her to play with. She likes to pat the wall over and over. The best part is ripping all the ornaments off.

We are missing a few ornaments that I think our dog Brodie might have eaten. Otherwise Ocoee could care less that my crafting skills are a hot mess.

I may redo next year with really sharp scissors and some patterns, maybe a glue gun and less wine. Or maybe I will reuse this one because one thing about tradition is that it doesn't have to be pretty to be special.

Also about 8 inches of fresh snow and our chickens have even begun to get used to it and wade through!


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