Thursday, December 6, 2012

Some things are special

So I haven't blogged lately and I wanted to put this out there in the blog world.....I keep some things special, for just Ocoee. A good friend gave me a notebook when Ocoee was born. In this notebook I write letters to Ocoee.

These are special letters. Thoughts for only her eyes to read. I will give it to her one day when she is older and I hope it is special, meaningful and important to her. As much as I love documenting online for the world, friends and family to read, I also need this special outlet for my secret mommy thoughts, feeling, fears and hopes.

Since I currently know 11 people who are pregnant and expecting in the next few months, maybe this will make a good present to other moms....a special place to write....often or occasionally.... special mother words.

My mom has passed away and I know that I would love to see her handwriting and feel her words.

Also if you are thinking of gifts, there is a great website called Spoonflower, where you can turn handwritten recipes into tea towels. In this day of amazing technologies how cool is it to use the technology to see an old fashioned thing like handwriting. And those famous family recipes would be easily available and honored in a unique way, instead of tucked away for no one to see.


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