Friday, December 14, 2012

We need change! NOW!

As a teacher and parent I am grieving for the families in Connecticut today. I took my students on a field trip today for a performance of dance by a high school. We were surrounded by Elementary students who also were attending. I sat choked up, crying, seeing the joy of these young innocent kids.


I have no answers. This has happened too often.

I remember Von Maur and the feelings of that day flood back. People I worked with and knew died at the hands of another crazy gunman.

It has to stop. We need change.

I hope our government can be strong enough to change gun control laws and that the people of this country can see the wisdom in more control of these deadly weapons.

I can't wait for school to be over and have my baby in my arms, so I can finally breathe.

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  1. I also feel that media should adopt a ethics policy of not printing the names of these criminals to act as a deterrent. No fame for these people could help. And yes I am a big proponent of the first admendendment but this would be sensible and correct reaction to a problem we are having. I also think government should make it so video games that are violent are taxed to a point where these business will no longer sale them. Profit motivated companies will never do what is ethical and right unless external pressure is applied. Research after research shows the negative affects of these games. I don't think just gun control laws are the answer but they have to be on the table as an option. If law abiding citizens have to do more paperwork to get a gun and are more restricted in their options it is completely worth it if even one life is saved.