Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's spring!!

Alaska celebrated spring with snow. A blizzard was expected but we barely crossed an inch on our east side of town home.

On Friday since I and Ocoee were recoverers from sickness (hubby is still feeling rough) I picked her up from daycare and headed to the museum to play for a bit in the imaginarium kids space. When we arrived we headed to the snack atrium to get a snack and check out local school kids artwork. Ocoee loved their creative art pieces and drank my pelligreno water instead of her milk. We were pretty interesting with me drinking her milk and her drinking my sparkling water.

She played in the kids space for awhile. She really seemed to enjoy it more than a few months ago. Her development is pretty cool to witness. She loved the bubbles and ball maze most.

We also did out annual REI stock up this weekend. Thanks to gift certificates, our annual dividend from REI and a coupon we were able to get some awesome gear. We got Ocoee a bike helmet and trailer to pull behind our bikes. We also got a camp chair as can use, new jet boil and other camping gear. Ocoee was thrilled with the new helmet and wore it all over REI as we shopped and at home the rest of the day. Thanks grandma for the wonderful gift card!! I am now looking forward to a true spring when all the snow and ice is broken up and we can bike.

One week until Easter. Still making plans on how to celebrate.


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