Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Break 2013-Staycation

We decided to stay in Alaska for spring break this year because the economist at Alaska Airlines have figured out they can charge an arm, leg and foot for their tickets the day school is out. Since we are limited to travel during school breaks we pay the price! Skipping it this year turned out to be wonderful since the weather was in our favor!

A few girlfriends and I rented a house and headed to the Alyeska Lodge for a few days down the road in Girdwood (about a 45 minute drive). The trip was a lot of fun, we had 3 older kids and Ocoee with us three moms. There was work involved with all the gear for winter sports and kids but it was all worth it. You can check out my friend Staci's account on her blog here.

She is a great writer and always makes me laugh and sometime cry! We all lean on each other for help, parenting advice and good girlfriend times.

The highlight of the staycation besides the weather was Ocoee swimming in the salt water pool at the lodge. She floats so well in the saltwater and was a maniac for the swimming. She clocked in over 2 hours each day leaving her a very tired baby by the end. I didn't get any pictures as I was busy swimming and enjoying the time. Here are some pictures from the week below.

 All decked out for St. Patty's day party.
 Walking with Staci on the slippery ice!

 Group shot of the kiddos post snowball fights.

 In beautiful Moose Meadows with the Chugach Mountains behind.

 Enjoying her new sled!

 My little bambino was such a trooper keeping up with the big kids!

 Hubby and I after Ocoee was off to bed celebrating at the St. Patty's Day party.


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