Saturday, March 2, 2013


Like most families we cram fun, chores and relaxation into out two precious days off. Here is how our weekend has been shaking down.

Friday at 2 I am officially in weekend mode. I drive to Ocoee's daycare already the stress of middle schoolers and grading melting away. Picking her up from daycare is always such a joy. I am the hero of the moment and get to watch her eyes light up at seeing me. I scoop her up and cover her in kisses. I do try to pause and watch her from outside the window because like most parents I am curious to how she acts when I am not around.

Also her daycare is awesome. The kids are always engaged and the skills they work on are very noticeable when she is home.

Next we drive a few blocks to pick up daddy from work for a short adventure to check out the snow sculptures down by ship creek. These are pretty awesome and part of the Fur Rondy celebration that last two weeks and is kinda like a family friendly version of Mardi Gras. It all leads up to the Iditarod.

Our favorite snow sculptures were the star wars one and the moose hunting the hunter. How they transform snow into these amazing sculptures blows my mind.

We drop hubby back at work and head home to start dinner. Dinner time is important to us and we try to sit down together for dinner every night. Friday is pizza or pasta night for us.

The meal was delicious, especially after a ten day cleanse where I ate only fruit and veggies. We had crab stuffed pasta with Parmesan and truffle oil with a Cesar salad and fresh bread. A bottle of vino kicked relaxation into gear.

Ocoee helped cooked as always and we all sat down for dinner by 5:30. This is the crunch time after dinner. Bug has a bath and plays in her room for a few minutes before bed. She sleeps like a champ but goes down early by 6:30 or 7.

After Ocoee is asleep hubby and I have some time to chat and catch up. We both read a bit then pop in a movie. We were pretty exhausted and only made it through half of the subtitled French film, chicken and plum. By 11:30 we called it quits and crashed.

Saturday morning we all sleep in and then spend an hour or so sitting around the kitchen table drinking tea while Ocoee brings us books to read. By 10 we were off to Goose Lake down the road to watch the dogs sleds of the Iditarod race by. It is great fun to watch the sleds come around the corner up on two rails while people cheer and the mushers toss dog booties to the kids. Ocoee yelled doggie each time. We saw Lance Mackey cruise by with a beer in hand shouting cheers tithe crowd. I guess winning it several times allows you to be more relaxed!

After watching the dog sleds we headed home for Ocoee's nap. Then our buddy Kraig came over with his daughter to xc ski. Kayla watched Ocoee while we all went out on the most perfect sunny march day ever. The sun was strong and skies were sparkling blue. We are lucky to be able to cross country ski right out our door.

Now Ocoee is bathing while I blog. I whipped up a tasty egg bake from our chicken eggs or dinner and some oatmeal cookies for dessert. It has been a nice family oriented weekend. I love these !!

Now I didn't mention the baskets of laundry, cleaning chores and poopy diapers because really when you look back that all seems to melt away and you remember the smiles and fun moments


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