Monday, February 25, 2013

16 months and so fabulous!

Ocoee is such a funny, good, loving kiddo! We are happy to have her in our lives and although I don't blog as much as I would like I love sharing her little moments with friends and family on this site.

As we women know, there are few times in your life when you truly rock an outfit. Pulling yourself together, brushing your teeth and getting out the door without kid spitup, food or other unnamed items on you is the standard. Since having a awesome outfit is a cause for celebration in my life, I will celebrate even if it was Ocoee's and not mine!!

I think Ocoee knew she was rocking this outfit because she was super spunky and top form for the play we were attending.

The dress is by Hannah Anderrson, sweater cape ( oh, I love capes) is Tea Collection, tights and leg warmers are baby legs and boots are unknown, hand me ups! The details on the sweater are amazing embroidery and I wish I had an adult version so bad!

Also I updated the Oh, the places you will go page and photoshoot page for your viewing pleasure.

Happy Monday!


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