Thursday, February 7, 2013

Portland day 2

Ah, it is nice to wake up with the sun. That is the hardest part of Alaska winters. The darkness. After the sunshine peeped over the building to stream through the windows of the beautiful old building the benson hotel is in Ocoee and I leisurely got ready for the day. Hubby was off to work meetings and we loaded up the stroller for the day. When traveling I use a backpack as a diaper bag, removing my camel back and filling that area with diapers. We headed across the Willamette river to OSMI. It is a super cool science and industry museum with so much to do.

On out 1.5 mile walk I was reminded of how lovely it is that Portland is so walker/biker friendly. In anchorage walking is nice because we have really great trail system but the roads are not for walkers. Here everywhere is safe and easy for walkers and bikers.

I also laughed at how many people were bundled up as I shed my light fleece and sweated from the sunny 45 degree day. Guess Alaska does make your idea of cold different.

At the OSMI there were so many cool things. Ocoee loved the water play area and sand pit the most. There was face painting, a kid sized grocery store and a place to dress up as chipmunks and play in the kid sized forest. We could have stayed all day. We swung by the gift shop for a cool Geography game for my class and a boom for Ocoee. When we travel she is allowed books as her souvenir. We picked out "good night Oregon" since it has many places we are visiting.

On the way back to meet hubby for lunch I had a total Portlandia moment. In the courtyard of the downtown world trade center buildings 12 young yuppy/hipster multi ethnic male dudes were playing hacky sack. Once the completed a full hack where everyone hits the sack successfully they did an elaborate high five circle shake thing that had me Dying! To whip out my cell and capture this ├╝ber Portland moment!

Portland has amazing street vendors and we hit up the swamp shack for a po boy a shack attack-jambalaya topped with fried shrimp! Spicy and delicious! We headed down to the riverfront part to enjoy the sun, eat our grub and let Ocoee shriek at all the dogs running by with their running owners. It was sunny and the perfect happy to pass an hour lunch. Way too nice to eat inside!

And now the most decadent part of the day. We headed back to the hotel for a nap. Fresh clean sheets-check. Destroyed hotel room from toddler cleaned to sparkle-check, full bellies-check.

Ah. How I love naps.

After nap hubby went back to meetings and Ocoee had a bath. We all then headed to Oven and Shaker for happy hour dinner. They have the best wood burning oven and crispy thin crust pizza with bubbling toppings. We also got some fresh mozzarella for Ocoee, salad and a few classes of vino. Portland's happy hour prices would make it hard for me to cook if I lived here.

On the way back to the hotel we swung by whole foods because I love that place! We grabbed some snacks for our road trip and I was filled with fresh produce/ gourmet food envy. There are just so many more things than we get I'm anchorage! I snagged a bottle of spicy and sweet reduced basalmic vinegar, which is one of my favorite condiments. Works great on fish, pizza or cheese!

We were also happy to find the local kombucha was also available I. Bottles as well as growlers. I hope they help us kick the remaining cough and sniffles we both have.

Now back at the hotel Ocoee is asleep. I am drinking wine and hubby is enjoying a bath. Today was a good day.

Back home it is dumping snow! Can't say I miss it right now.


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