Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ch, Ch, Changing

Ocoee is changing and growing faster than I can keep up with. Here are a few of her new things:

She said cheese-she has to have a baby bell cheese first thing in the morning and first thing after school-she is quite demanding about this. She will use her baby sign language (she uses the same signal for all food items) but if you don't bring her cheese she will shake her head NO!

She likes to dance and spin around while dancing.

She loves making videos of herself on the iphone. She throws her hands in the air and waves them and thinks she is pretty funny.

She wants her shoes on all the time and often makes me put them on before her naps.

She had three pairs of shoes out yesterday and wanted to wear them all. I explained she could only wear one and made 3 piles and asked her which ones she wanted to wear. After thinking for a moment she grabbed one black one and one butterfly one.......matching wasn't a priority.

She loves all dogs. She climbed on top of Brodie and bounced happily for 15 minutes and I think he just slept. Now she has her wheely bug she thinks she can ride Brodie like her wheely.

She loves water. Drinks like a fish. This we have in common.

She will now crawl into bed when she is tired. No having to put her down most of the time.

She is really starting to like other kids. She spent all the super bowl chasing my friend's older daughter around. She also flirted with all the guys in the room....jeez! I see an all girls school in her future!

There are oh, so many more! She continues to be our sunshine!! We adore her.


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