Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Portland day 1

The travel gods smiled on us and we landed the middle seat open on our flight to Portland. By Alaska standards the 3 hour flight was short as we had kids in front and behind us-all who were champion travelers.

Ocoee usually take a nap in the middle of the day so we spread a jacket out on the floor between out seats and she spread right out and napped. Since hubby and I are both fighting colds we napped as well. The flight was painless and we woke just before landing.

The weather is 48 and cloudy in Portland which is a little like paradise to an Alaskan mid winter. Back home it is upper 20s and snowing. Which isn't bad but so nice to see the green or Portland after a winter blanketed in white.

Tonight was a big night for hubby's work. There was a reception in the private room downstairs with yummy apps and drinks. Ocoee and I joined hubby to have drinks and snacks. Hubby works with some great people and I always like seeing them. It is a very family friendly group so no one batted an eye as I balanced Ocoee in her pjs on my hip and glass of Pinot I'm the other hand at a swanky reception. Man I love Alaskans!

Afterwards there was a going away party for one of hubby's coworkers. He is off to Seattle and they reserved a private room to party and celebrate his departure. It would have been a fun event but Ocoee is bed bound by 6ish so hubby went and I sit in our suite (yeah for free upgrade) and listen to Bob Dylan and the traffic of the city below while I wait for my dinner and bottle of Pinot from room service.

This is my kind of get away. The room is large and the walk in closet big enough we tucked ocoees peapod in so she can sleep and we can lounge in the living area at night. Yep. That's right. My sweet bambino is sleeping in a closet.

It is a big closet at The Benson, so that is cool right. We are both content and relaxed. Works seems a million miles away.


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