Saturday, February 9, 2013

Portland- day 4

Today we all slept in. Around 9 Ocoee swung open her closet door and matched over to the bed chatting away. She is so chirpy and giddy in the mornings. We on the other hand were struggling to get moving. Finally we decided to head to the Pearl district a few blocks away for some shopping.

We swung into Peets for some caffeine and then headed to Anthropologie. Hubby entertained Ocoee while I quickly did shopping. Hubby and kid in tow makes for a quicker experience than my normal shopping habits. I scored a fluffy new scarf that I adore and a cute new shirt that is fun and casual. Ocoee got her first apron that is so stinky sassy! She wore it around the hotel all afternoon.

Ocoee had a minor crises as she peed all over her pants and we were down to her second to last pair. We had been trying to use pull up diapers but this made us think we should get some regular disposables so we headed across the street to whole foods, bought a few more kombuchas, some biodegradable dog poop sacks (work great for diapers) and some smaller diapers. After a quick change Ocoee swung her bare legs, with boots, from her stroller as we headed 3 blocks over to Hannah Andersson.

I love their clothes and we really neede a few more pants since Ocoee had gone through even the extra we brought. Hand washing and drying in the hotel room worked ok but no the best situation. We usually rent houses with washer and dryers when we travel so this was harder.

As soon as well walked in the ladies quickly found us two pairs of options that were on sale and sent hubby to the room to clothe our darling. I scoped out a bunch more deals and we are stocked for the rest of the trip and some new stuff to grow in to. The best part about their Swedish design is that the dresses become tunics and shirts that you can pair with leggings as she grows.

Ocoee was needing a nap so we hit a few more stores and then headed back tote hotel. Hubby was spent and really getting kicked by the cold that has been on and off all week for me and now him. It is nasty!

Tucking both of them in for a nap I ran out to Kenny and Zukes deli for some delicious veggie Reuben's, spicy black bean soup a loaf of fresh bread and some root beers to sustain us.

And that was pretty much our day. Ocoee and I took a bath, we played silly games in the room and again I settle down with a glass of pinot to end my day. Pretty chill but considering the way we were all feeling the best we could muster. I am hoping to rally and attend some Chinese new year celebrations at the Chinese gardens tomorrow before we head home.

Good night, Oregon.


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