Monday, February 4, 2013

Product Review-Guide Craft Kitchen Helper and Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug

This is a review for two fabulous products that my lovely MIL purchased for me recently. No one paid me for these reviews I just wanted to share......though they should, right?

First up is the Guide Craft Kitchen Helper. The kitchen helper is a stand for kiddos to be safe and at the same level as the action. It is designed to use in a kitchen but if you crafted or had other hobbies (like my hubby's beer brewing) this could be used as well. It cost $93 and is available with free shipping from Amazon. We love Amazon and buy so much from there. Also we have the is simply the best way to shop and give gifts!

The kitchen helper is pictured above. It has cute cutouts on one side and a chalk board as well. I can easily fit two kids and I think it will grow well with Ocoee. The reason I love it is because my hands are free! As much as I am happy with the strong arms I have developed carrying her around, cooking is way quicker with two hands!

The other thing I love is the kitchen helper folds and stores easily. We have a tiny kitchen and it folds up and we slide it out of the way, easy peasy, pumpkin squeezy!

She loves being able to help. I really didn't see how much she was learning until yesterday when I was peeling eggs for deviled eggs and she grabbed one (she was with me at the sink in the kitchen helper) and she smashed it like I did to crack it open and begin peeling it. Wow! I was so impressed that she was paying attention and wanted to help. I didn't even mind that my eggs came out in interesting shapes.....let's be honest, we both massacred them. Egg peeling is obviously genetic and we both need a good sous chef!

They did taste yummy with the homemade mayonnaise though....or so I was told. Sick and icky didn't allow me much taste buds.

So I love this thing! Totally a splurge but we were lucky enough to receive it as a gift. Thanks grandma!!

The next is also a gift from grandma, Prince Lionheart Wheely bug in Ladybug.  it is super cute and scoots so well on our tile floors. 

Ocoee received it as an Xmas gift and really only pushed it at first. The wheels are heavy duty casters that go in all directions so she was able to really chase the dogs around!

She has now begun to sit and ride on it. We have the small and I think it is perfect. She will easily be able to ride it for the next year and maybe more. It is small but would accommodate a larger rider (yea I sat on it) well. She will either ride or push it all over and what a great way to burn off cabin fever energy! 


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  1. Wow, a year later and we still use these things all the time.