Thursday, January 24, 2013

Around the house-typical day

Below are photos of a typical day in our house. Like many of us we spend our time awake at home, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, hanging with the dogs and trying to get some R&R.

Here Ocoee takes her pick me up zombie poses.

She loves to pester the dogs though Brodie is the only one with the patience to let her get close. She likes to sit on his head and bounce.....poor guy!

Ocoee playing happily with her block and dad's new foam roller.

Ocoee realizing something was going on in the kitchen uses her press and cling tactic to get picked up and see the action.

Success! She is now sitting on the counter in the middle of the action, watching dad peel potatoes.

Look closely at this you see where she gets the facial expressions :)???

And her all time favorite kitchen item...limes! I am sure it will taste good with mashed potatoes.

Hubby switched off to me for the baby and him for the camera...ugh, not to sparkling in this photo for me!

And Ocoee makes the lunge to go back to daddy because he is obviously up to something.

She loves to sit on the counter....not safe but we stay right there...

Now she is happy that she can supervise the mashing of all those potatoes! 

Simple days like this are rarely documented by camera but these strung together is what makes our impressions and memories of the past. I am glad I grabbed the camera to capture these lazy laid back moments.


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