Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Maui 2012-13

 This was our 4th trip to Maui and ocoees second. Last year she clung to her daddy and slept on the plane, this year she crawled all over and played peek a boo with fellow travelers. We had a really low key vacation forgoing a rental car and staying in a condo right next to Sugar Beach, the ocean center and shops and restaurants along the harbor.

It was a really nice way to have a vacation and a little baby because we could walk to the beach and swim in the pool during non peak sun hours. During her naps we could hang on the lanai with boat drinks in hand or take turns snorkeling in the ocean that was steps away.

One nice benefit of the trip is that my good friend and her family were steps away as well at the condo next door. We really didn't plan it that way but ended up both enjoying late night card games while the kiddos slept.

For new years eve we share a sitter and had dinner at The Waterfront restaurant which was pretty bad, then we went out on a cocktail cruise to watch the fireworks and it was ok. It sounds better than It was. Just a bit touristy for our taste. New years always seems like a let down, and we all thought we should have stayed in and played cards. We did drink lots of champagne, which I love, and is the only drink you look better after drinking.

Gone are my suntanning days but with SPF slathered on I did enjoy the sun and left with a nice glow. Ocoee left as white as before which makes me super happy. She will have excellent skin at my age.

Ocoee loved the pool. She liked to swim from hubby to me, not really realizing she couldn't swim. Her wetsuit we bought was awesome, kept her warm, blocked sun and made her buoyant. She would get in and out of the pool steps over and over and make a dash for the hot tub. When we would get in the hot tub she melted in the warmth, true Alaska girl!

We also found a little tide pool that we all swam in and she loved the ocean. She would lick her lips from the salty water.

Tossing sand in the air on the beach and leaving the cutest little baby footprints was a highlight. Ocoee also devoured apple bananas in Maui while she never will eat the regular organic ones at home.

In the condo there was a palm tree that the owners started from seed 12 years ago. The planter was filled with rocks and coral that Ocoee would play with endlessly. She put the rocks in the water can and would shake them.

One of the funniest things ever was that I would hang my swimsuits on the lania to dry. Ocoee would grab them and put them on over her head, 2 or 3 at a time and wear them around. I laughed so hard and she would do this for hours!!

Having been to Maui So often allowed us to just relax an focus on being together as a family. We have already done the helicopter tours, paddle boarding and fancy restaurants. This year was swim, chill, relax, drink and soak it all in.  

Below are some iphone shots.....will upload the nice photos soon!

Ocoee playing with her rocks from the plant. 

This picture is so blurry but I adore how tropical she looks so it had to be included.

Loving the soft sand of Sugar Beach.

Swimming with daddy

She wasn't sure about walking on sand or grass for that matter but finally got the hang of it.

At the Ocean Center

On the beach she would just roam and roam, we had the beach to ourselves most of the time. 

Here is Ocoee at 3 months traveling to Hawaii for her first time and first plane trip. She slept the whole time!
Here is Ocoee on the way to Hawaii this year. She only slept a little and is an old pro at flying now with tons of flights under her belt.

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