Monday, January 7, 2013

15 month update

While on vacation we had some blogger issues....this is a little past date. Will post Ocoee 15 month stats after her Dr. appt.

Also xmas and hawaii pictures to come!

On the 30th you will be 15 months old! Since we will be in Maui, hopefully on the beach playing and relaxing for your 15 month I will blog now.

Your curls are the ultimate in curliness! Your hair has gotten really long but our attempts at barrettes to tame it have not succeeded since you pull them out and Brodie ten chews them up. At daycare the "grandma" in the room brushes your hair which I never do. I just fluff the curls and kiss your head. You grab the brush at home and try to brush my or daddy's hair.

You are also a true Alaskan bambino. Today you had lox for the first time and really shoveled it in. You cried out for more and more each time. Later you had smoked salmon for dinner with some strawberries. You also eat lots of "cheesy puffs" aka pirates booty. Your still drinking your formula and sometimes get a splash of pear juice with water. You are snotty again. This is a reoccurring thing. You are starting to learn to wipe your nose on your sleeve because mama will attack with a cloth if not.

You are now a champion walker and even run a bit when daddy chases you. You can get off the bed, couch and your baby chair all by yourself. At daycare you love to play in the ball crawl and walk around the halls when mommy picks you up.

You are quite loquacious. You say dada dada all the time. You will say, go dog go and other words like ball and me come out in the radio static that is your voice as well.

You are a party girl. At a party at kraigs last night you acted shy for about 20 minutes but after warming up were all over the house and the center of attention. You like exploring new places so I am sure you will love Maui this year.

Mommy zombie is still in full effect where you cry and stagger over to me tugging at my clothes until you are picked up. We try to let you cry it out but often you win the battle. It is just a phase I tell myself.

And oh are you a bookworm. We read books about 30 times a day. They are by far your favorite thing. Mommy and daddy have most of them memorized. You just received an amazing book called this moose belongs to me, from kim and bj and it is fabulous. Sure to be a favorite. You are into books that you can change the pages and that have flaps a lot. We have gotten a few books apps for our phones and iPad for the flight to Hawaii and those are very engrossing for you.

We still limit this screen time and you have not watched tv yet. Books are everywhere in the house so not hard to entertain you.

When mommy or daddy say no, you listen and want to keep us happy. This is a change from a few months ago when you knew we said no but did things anyway.

Well that is enough for now. We love you so much and can't believe 15 months have changed our lives so much.

We are very excited for christmas with you and Hawaii after for new years. Grandma has sent many, many gifts and you are truly a blessed child. And a blessing to us.

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