Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Car Seats

We have currently been debating about when to turn Ocoee's car seat to front facing. I have a small but very highly rated for safety car though with the car seat in the back the passenger seat is thrust forward at an uncomfortable position. It doesn't matter very often as I don't carry passengers in that seat very frequently. 

The other thing to consider is her legs are getting a bit cramped and the view is limited. 

In the end though we are going to try until age 2, since that is the current AAP recommendation.

Living in Alaska the road can be quite hazardous and any little thing I can do to keep her safer is important.

Currently, 21st Century Insurance is running a contest to promote child safety while driving and they are giving away free car seats to creative people that can redesign the Baby on Board sign. The grand prize winner even gets $10,000 for a nursery redesign. You can find the contest here.


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